Was Albert Olmstead Death Pre-Planned?

Renowned Cobra Kai artist Albert Olmstead was a technical engineer, circuit tester, cameraman, and sound recordist in the entertainment industry. Besides this, he was well-known in the film industry due to his exceptional work. Olmstead worked as an electrical expert in high-budget projects. 

Mostly, when we talk about movies and series all want to know about the main cast. Usually, nobody bothers to remember or find out about the crew members behind its accomplishment.

People thought of him as an artist but he was a backstage engineer. Albert Olmstead was an electrical engineer by profession. But he worked as a freelancer for the time being. Later in life, Olmstead entered the world of Hollywood.

The upbringing of Albert Olmstead

Albert Olmstead was born on 20th September 1982 in Florida, America. Larry Olmstead and Imelda Olmstead were his parents. He had American nationality with mixed ethnicity. As reported, his mother was Filipino while his father was from Caucasian America. Olmstead had two siblings, Jennifer and Rose Olmstead. 

As per his social media, Olmstead was a family-oriented man. He use to spend his free time with his loved ones.  

Regarding his education, he was a graduate student. He went to Augusta State University. Olmstead completed his bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science. His favorite hobby was drawing cartoons.

Olmstead was not just a technician but he worked in a Netflix series named “Cobra Kai”. Therefore, he was known as a Cobra Kai artist in the industry. However, Olmstead had an extensive collection of honors added during his lifetime.

Secret Love Life of Olmstead

Olmstead got coupled on 4th July 2018 to Que Olmstead. Together they had five children. Olmstead got married to Que with four stepchildren. They had one biological child of their own. They were not publicly so active but Olmstead was active on his Facebook profile. It was filled with family photos.

 Cobra Kai fans got to know about his love of life through social media applications. After his demise, Olmstead’s brother-in-law said in an interview that: “He supported their needs and put their needs first, whether it be emotionally, financially, everything.”

Olmstead’s Appearance

He was 5 feet 9 inches tall and was 75 kg. He had beautiful black hair with black eyes.

Career Growth of Albert Olmstead

Before starting his career in the film industry Olmstead worked as a freelancer. He had worked in different professions.

  • Bartender for Sky City
  • In Kroger a Pharmacy Technician
  • Assistant in Fritti
  • At Intec as a technician 

Albert Olmstead worked in the television and film industry as a technician. Moreover, He dedicated seven years of his life. 

Movies and TV Shows

Olmstead was well known for his technical skills, grip, and rigging grip. He rose to fame when his brilliant work with camera and lighting equipment came to shine on set. Olmstead worked with many famous artists in high-budget movies. 

People misinterpret him as an actor but he was an amazing grip artist. Usually, Grip is a person who sets up lighting and camera before the crew members arrive. Some of his famous movies are:

  • Captain America: Civil War (2016)
  • Baby Driver (2017)
  • Sleepy Hollow (2017)
  • Black Lighting (2018)
  • The Walking Dead (2019)
  • Robbie (2020)
  • Dead Silent (2020)
  • Lovecraft Country (2020)
  • Creep show (2021)
  • Cobra Kai (2021)

For once Olmstead also worked as a makeup artist in “The Walking Dead”. He also worked as a boom operator in a short film “Mr. Psychiatrist”. Olmstead’s most highlighted work in his career was “The Karate Kid spin-off” and the famous Netflix series, “Cobra Kai”.

Contribution of Albert Olmstead in Cobra Kai:

The famous series on Netflix “Cobra Kai” was the remake of karate kid. Its first episode came live on 2nd May 2018. Basically, the series is a comedy-drama and was on top ranking at its release.  

The series is set 34 years later after the famous event of the All-Valley Karate Tournament 1984. Johnny Lawrence, the main character Courage up to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo. However, This reopening leads to the rivalry with the powerful Daniel LA Russo.

To begin Cobra Kai’s teaching, Lawrence taught a gay who was an asthma patient. Unfortunately, the daughter of a rich businessman fell in love with him. Where Daniel was also in support of her. The story begins with this and later Johnny finds himself in a better place.   

Olmstead, a skilled grip artist, worked in this project’s lighting and sound department. Cobra Kai was able to capture his cinematography and electrical techniques. As reported, Cobra Kai scenes were captured by Albert Olmstead. Because of him, people started to respect and acknowledge such fields.

Cobra Kai’s Net worth 

Olmstead’s net worth was around $1-2 million USD. He worked in Hollywood movies, commercials, and films. Yet, Olmstead was a great technician and people loved his work. Besides this he worked as a freelancer for many years.

Olmstead’s Demise

Olmstead’s last grip work was for ‘Cobra Kai’. However, from where he came and never returned. Because of that, Albert Olmstead was called “Cobra Kai”. Season 4 of Cobra Kai, episode 7 was a tribute to him titled “Minefield”. He died on July 19th, 2021 at the age of 39.


The Cobra Kai artist was a dedicated man in his professional and personal life. Olmstead’s Facebook profile was proof of his love for his family. His unforgettable work will remain a legacy in the film industry. 

The reason for his death is still a mystery. But according to some resources, when he returned from the set on the day of his death, he was fixing a leak in his garage. A retaining wall fell and he collapsed under it. 

He tried to escape from the incident but it was too late. He lost his life. Many people believe that this is not a true story, till now nobody knows the truth.

FAQ’s about Albert Olmstead

Albert Olmstead from Cobra Kai?

He was 39 years old when he died due to the crushing of a wall in his basement on 19 July 2021. 

Albert Olmstead character in cobra kai?

Albert was a skilled electrical engineer, and sound and lighting technician for the film and television industry.

Who died in Cobra Kai season5?

 The team of Cobra Kai dedicated episode three to Jeff Kay who passed away recently. Moreover, It ends with a message saying, “In memoriam, Jeff Kay, 1965-2021.” 

How did Cobra Kai end?

Season 5 ended when Kreese faked his death and escaped prison, to return for his revenge in the new season. 

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