Story of Hopie Carlson: Daughter of Tucker Carlson

Since birth, Hopie Carlson is in the limelight. Why? It is because of her father Tucker Carlson. He is known as a conservative reporter, Political analyst, and a personality in the entertainment industry. Tucker tried to keep his family life away from the public. Nevertheless, still, there are interesting facts and details to know about Carlson.

However, Hopie Carlson is a young American Celebrity teenager. Due to her father, Tucker Carlson she came into the headlines often. Although, Hopie has not started her career in the industry yet she is getting popular at this age. Recently, Carlson is constantly appearing in news because of her relationship with the prolific Fox News Host.

To find out more about Hopie’s unfolding life, continue reading the article.

Hopie Carlson: Profile

NameHopie Carlson
Age23 years old
ParentsTucker Carlson and Susan Andrew
SiblingsLillie, Dorothy, and Buckley
EducationSt. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School
Story of Hopie Carlson: Daughter of Tucker Carlson
Hopie Carlson and Family

Background of Hopie Carlson

Hopie Carlson belongs to Swiss ancestry. Her ethnicity is the Caucasian group. Though, Carlson was born in 1999. Presently, she turned 23 years old in 2022. Among her siblings, she is the third oldest child of Tucker and Susan Andrew his wife. Furthermore, Richard Warner Carlson, her great-grandfather got adopted when he was two years old.

Moreover, Hopie spent her childhood in Virginia. She got enrolled in St. George’s school in Rhode Island. It was obvious from her ranking in school that Carlson is a bright student. During her undergraduate studies, she became a senior prefect of school. Furthermore, Hopie Carlson participates in athletics especially, swimming. Also, she took part in the 100 and 500 yards break stroke competition.

Whereas, in college, she became a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. She is a member of the group’s ritualists. The organization of which she is a member tagline is, “We women support women and inspire each other to be the best of us.”

After completing High school, Carlson got admission to Virginia University.

Carlson’s Family Life

Parents of Hopie     

The parents of Hopie, Tucker Carlson, and Susan Andrew got married in 1999. Before marriage, they both met in Tucker’s father’s chapel. Hopie Carlson’s grandfather was Rev. George E. Andrews II. He was the principal of St. George School in Middletown, Rhode Island.

The couple knows each other since they were fifteen years old. Tucker recalled her first date with Susan in their 10th grade, during an interview.

Indeed, they share a lovely bond. Hence, the duo has four beautiful children in their lives. Moreover, this power couple and 4 children live in Alexandria, Virginia, USA in a farmhouse.

Siblings of Hopie

Besides Carlson, she has three more siblings. The firstborn is Lillie Carlson, 25 years old. A few years later, Buckley Carlson, 23 years old. However, the youngest of them is Dorothy Carlson, 18 years old.

All four share a wonderful bond among them. Despite the celebrity daughter, their father Tucker grounds the rest of them. In addition, Hopie Carlson and her brother Buckley are doing well in their fields. He works at Capitol Bank in Washington D.C.

Renowned Father of Hopie Carlson

Tucker Carlson was also named Tucker Swanson. Carlson was born in 1969 on 16 May in San Francisco. He was born to Richard Warner Carlson a US ambassador and artist Lisa Lombardi.

By profession, Tucker Carlson is a journalist, Political news anchor and analyst, pundit, author, and producer. He works in America. Anyway, he is a libertarian-conservative passionate. Tucker never hides his opinion about politics in public.

Overall, Swanson has a great skill set which made him work at CNN. But after his talk with comic Jon Stewart, he had a verbal fight with him on his show ‘Crossfire’. Because of that legendary talk, he got fired. Furthermore, he worked on ‘MSNBC’ for 3-years. There he anchored the weekly program ‘Tucker’ from 2005 to 2008.

Later, Tucker started his career at ‘Fox news. He did the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ political talk show by TRP Record. Additionally, Tucker is frequently seen in political discussions. Besides all that, he is an author. Carlson has several periodicals in journals.

Relationship Status of Carlson

As mentioned above, rumors were out about Hopie dating a Fox news host. But there isn’t any official update regarding that scandal. She has not published any information about her relationships. Hence, it is proved that Hopie Carlson is not dating the American Host. However, she is just a student.

Tucker’s Dating Rules for Hopie

Tucker Carlson has set some rules for Carlson girls for dating. In September 2019, Tucker mentioned in an interview that he does not let her family girls date feminists. He believes that feminists are creeps.

A Canadian journalist Stephen LeDrew joined Tucker Carlson on the show. Where he asked,

“Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, ’cause he’s a creep! By definition!”

Hopie Carlson’s Career

This young popular child rose to prominence because of her father Tucker Carlson. As discussed above, he is a well-recognized reporter, journalist, and political analyst.

Regardless of her background, Hopie Carlson is still studying. She will first complete her education. And, then pursue a career. It can be on her father’s path to becoming an American actress. On the other hand, in the future, she can skill in something better than this.

Hopie Carlson’s Physical Measurements and Appearance

Though, Carlson’s is renowned in the American industry. They do have attractive personalities and appearances. From father to children, all have appealing looks.

Yet Hopie Carlson has a decent height and is a fitness-obsessed person in her family. Therefore, it is estimated through her measurements. Carlson’s height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches. Whereas, she weighs around 57 kg. Therefore, at this age, Hopie is quite thin and fit. 

It is found out that she goes for morning walks in the neighborhood park. Overall, Hopie’s body measurements are 37-31-36. Hence, it shows how healthy and maintained Carlson is.

Carlson’s Net Worth

For now, Hopie does not work and earns. Fortunately, Hopie Carlson belongs to a rich family. From 2020, her father is worth $30 million. Moreover, Tucker Carlson gets a salary of $6 million from Fox News.

Moreover, Carlson and his wife Susan Andrew paid $4 million for a property in Kent, Washington D.C. They listed it for $2 million in November 2017. Furthermore, Tucker paid $3.8 million for the same house in July 2017. Similarly, he paid $3.95 million to list it in July 2020. Along with that, Hopie lives in Island, Florida in a $2.9 million mansion on Gasparilla.

Hopie on Social Platforms

As of her age, every youngster has a social media account. But Hopie Carlson does not have any for now. However, she appears on her parent’s social accounts. It may be because her father Tucker is conservative. Or Hopie is concentrating on her education.


How old is Carlson?

Hopie is 23 years old as of 2022. She was born in 1999.

How tall is Hopie?

Carlson stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 57kg.

How much is Carlson worth?

Hopie has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her father is worth over $30 million, which is her income source.

Who is Hopie’s Boyfriend?

Carlson is not dating anyone as of now. She is single and focuses much more on her education.

Who is Carlson’s father?

Hopie is the daughter of Tucker Carlson, a popular American television host, and conservative political commentator.

Does Hopie has an Instagram account?

Carlson does not have an Instagram. However, there are fake accounts in her name. But her original id is still not public.

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