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Murder Case of Lauren Giddings and Stephen McDaniel: Murderer Who Came Out Live in an Interview



Murder Case of Lauren Giddings and Stephen McDaniel: Murderer Who Came Out Live in an Interview

After a few days of murdering Lauren Giddings, Stephen McDaniel appeared as a concerned neighbor in front of the local news channel. Later, his so innocent character was shut down when police found the body of the dead Lauren Giddings.

Surprisingly, Giddings was a classmate as well as a neighbor of McDaniel. According to reports, he strangled her to death and cut off her body parts. Later, he dumped the body parts in trash cans across Macon, Georgia.

Furthermore, this article reveals detail about the trending murder story of Giddings. Also, how McDaniel planned everything and killed her in her own apartment.

Stephen McDaniel The Murderer of Lauren Giddings   

On June 26, 2011, Stephen McDaniel killed 27 years old Lauren Giddings. Before her death, Lauren graduated from law school and was preparing for her big exam the Georgia Bar Exam. However, the night before her murder she even wrote an email to her boyfriend that somebody is watching her. Also, she suspected that somebody has broken into her house.

This murder story made it to the international headlines when McDaniel was on camera giving a live interview to the news channel about how nice Giddings was as a personality. During the interview, a sudden change in McDaniel was observed when revealed that her body has been found by the police.


Stephen mcdaniel

he said, anxiously he murmured.

“I think I need to sit down.”

stephen mcdaniel

However, people thought that he didn’t believe that his dearest friend has left and gave such a reaction. One day later, after all the incidents police took notice and declared Stephen McDaniel as a person of interest.

Even though police also recognized him as the murderer who killed and disembarked the body parts of Giddings. Also, some people believe a person like him wouldn’t have harmed or killed only one woman.

Who is McDaniel? Is He Mentally Disturbed or Is Obsessed with Women Killing?

Stephen McDaniel came into the world on 9th September 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. However, much is unknown, but if we talk about her academic records, he is a Mercer University Law School graduate. Also, Giddings is a graduate of the same school.

Both completed their degree in 2011 and lived in the same apartment complex. At the moment, Giddings was preparing for the bar exam. However, McDaniel was preparing for Giddings’s murder.

At first sight, McDaniel didn’t look like he could murder someone. Also, he wasn’t going to stay for long because his apartment was on lease for up to two weeks. However, his plan was to move back with his parent.

Murder Case of Lauren Giddings and Stephen McDaniel: Murderer Who Came Out Live in an Interview
Lauren-Giddings – law school murder victim

McDaniel’s Hatred Towards the Women on the Internet

After interrogating Stephen McDaniel and looking through his social accounts police found out his hatred towards women. Moreover, they found out about his desire to torture women. Looking through his apartment they found out that he had stockpiled food and energy drinks.

During interrogation, he told the police that he often wears the same pair of underwear more than one day at a time. Moreover, if we talk about McDaniel’s love life he was very unlucky because he was a virgin and saved himself for the marriage. Yet, from the investigation, police found condoms in his apartment. Later, police discovered this proof was very important in Lauren Giddings’s murder.

McDaniel Apartment Investigation Which Brought Him Into the Limelight  

McDaniel was already on the suspect list of the police. On June 30th Giddings torso was found in the trash bin. Also, all the neighbors were taken into the investigation by the police officials to record their statements on the incident. Although, at this moment nobody knew that her remains has been taken into police investigations.

Later, the police started to search the nearby apartment of Lauren Giddings. However, everyone cooperated and let the police check their apartment. Unfortunately, Stephen McDaniel was a little nervous to get police into his apartment and said

“It’s the lawyer in me,”

Stephen mcdaniel

 Also added that

 “I’m just always protective of my space.”

Stephen mcdaniel

However, he allowed an only officer to go through his apartment when he is around. Surprisingly, the investigator found Giddings’s underwear and a master key to her apartment. It was the same key he used to get into her apartment on the day he murdered Giddings.

After the investigation, police kept an eye on McDaniel due to his suspicious behavior. However, he didn’t go out or do any other activity. Furthermore, in the meantime, he gave an interview to the local news station.

Stephen McDaniel Famous TV Interview

When police investigated McDaniel’s apartment, he stood out and a news channel named WGXA sent his crew to the location. When the crew arrived they saw McDaniel and asked him if he want to give an interview and he agreed to that.

However, at first, Stephen McDaniel looked like a concerned neighbor and told the reporter about his concerns.

“We don’t know where she is,”

Stephen mcdaniel

Behind the camera, he told a reporter

“The only thing we can think of is that maybe she went out running and someone snatched her. One of her friends had a key, we went inside and tried to see anything that was amiss. She had a door jam that was sitting right by it, so there was no sign that anyone broke in.”

Stephen mcdaniel

When the interview finished cameraman told about the findings of Giddings’s torso from the trash can. In the blink of an eye, McDaniel was in complete shock and became silent. Later, he investigated and found that her body parts are still missing.

However, due to his changed behavior suddenly police realized that something was completely wrong with the suspect. The case took a drastic turn when police found out about McDaniel’s Laptop.

What was there in McDaniel’s Laptop?

When police took up Stephen McDaniel’s laptop they found out information about Giddings and her everyday routine. Also, a long series of videos was retrieved which was captured through the window of her apartment.

According to media officials, the statement came out as:

“The case took a turn for the worse for McDaniel when the computer evidence started coming out, and it just kept coming,”

Frank Hogu

McDaniel’s attorney, Frank Hogue kept updating the media on the case.

“They were continuing to find more and more evidence related to his computer and camera.”

Frank Hogu

However, McDaniel’s constant hatred towards women on blogs and posts on the internet strengthens the case and the mystery was slowly being solved.

After all these investigations and interviews Giddings’s body parts were found and police took McDaniel into custody which lasted up to less than 12 hours.

Murder Case of Lauren Giddings and Stephen McDaniel: Murderer Who Came Out Live in an Interview

One Statement that Put Stephen McDaniel Behind the Bars Finally

On June 30th, 2011 McDaniel again was taken into custody. However, he sat down perfectly still and answered everything with just one line “I don’t know.” However, after 24 hours of investigation on July 1st even he repeated the same statement.

Police officials tried every trick on him by putting evidence in front of him and making him angry. But nothing changed and he sat still.

“Why are you shutting down?”


Patterson the investigator asked.

McDaniel replied with the same answer

“I don’t know,”

Stephen mcdaniel

Eventually, after a long series of investigations, nothing came out. A detective named Scott Chapman came in and appealed for the humanity of McDaniel.

“We want to give you the opportunity to tell it,”

Scott Chapman

“So you don’t look like a monster at the end… I know you feel bad about it.”

Scott Chapman

However, no information was revealed with Chapman and now Detective Carl Fletcher entered the room and changed the whole game.

The Confession of Giddings Murder In 2014

However, Stephen McDaniel called all the allegations against him false. In addition to that, Fletcher asked McDaniel if he is a virgin and saving himself for marriage why he had condoms in his apartment.

He admitted that he entered a few of his classmate’s apartments and took them from their place. However, in charge of theft, he was arrested by the police. Furthermore, in 2014 he accepted that he murdered Giddings.

He revealed that he entered her apartment through the master key. Moreover, he strangled her to death and cut off her body parts with a hacksaw in the bathtub. After, the confession McDaniel was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Since the sentence of imprisonment, he tried to appeal to the court for conviction. However, all his appeals were denied. Also, now Stephen McDaniel can appeal to the court in 2041. But experts believe that he will remain behind bars for life.

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What Does LMS Mean In Text? All You Need To Know About This Acronym



What Does LMS Mean In Text? All You Need To Know About This Acronym

What does LMS mean in text? In messages and on social media, the acronym LMS is frequently used. Occasionally, it means, “Let me see” and, “Like my status.” These two LMS meanings can be used in various contexts.

We will provide you with the solution in this article regarding LMS mean in text. All you have to do is keep reading to understand it! We will define what it implies and give you a few instances of how to apply the trending slang. 

What Does LMS Mean in Text?

“Let me see” is the abbreviation of LMS. Frequently, it works as an expression that very well explains itself. If you want someone to text you a picture or a video, you might say “let me see” in a text message. Then everything will be evident if you just use LMS.

Utilizing acronyms, like LMS, is very practical. Because it saves time and enables you to communicate what you mean in a lot fewer words.

Other Interpretations

Other meanings are possible, but it is uncommon to see them employed in this context.

Learning Management System: Last Man Standing

Examples of Text Slang LMS Mean


Did you notice the new woman at work, Larry?

Any pictures, Byron? LMS!


Pierce: “Man, my knee hurts so bad from the scratch I gave it.”

Gina – I do not think it’s that horrible, LMS.


Cindy: LMS your photo so I can see how you appear.

Harry – Please wait a moment.

Understanding LMS Examples

However, the slang LMS has a number of uses. To better grasp what “LMS” means on social sites, let’s check out some of the best instances!

What Does LMS Mean Using TBH?

On social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, the slang phrase TBH is frequently used. Its meaning is “To Be Honest,” which is frequently put at the conclusion of a post or comment in a sincere attempt to seek criticism or praise.

When used with LMS in a phrase like “LMS for a TBH,” it denotes that the user who wrote the status is ready to give you a frank assessment of your profile if you like it. Therefore, it is a great way to gather.

LMS Means-Like my status

Further, the term LMS on Facebook stands for “like my status.” It is used to request interaction from other Facebook users with a status update that has been posted on a user’s wall.

When someone likes your status, they will then write a response comment about you with honest feedback. Thus, teenagers who are more involved on Facebook and utilize it to connect with friends frequently use the LMS acronym.

For instance, 

LMS or I will unfriend you =)

What Does LMS Mean In Text? All You Need To Know About This Acronym
What does LMS mean in text

Justification of What Does LMS Mean In Text

This LMS method can work to get opinions regarding a subject. For example, if you want to know who enjoyed the most recent Batman film, you may upload a photo with the phrase; 

“LMS if you liked The Batman.”

You can collect opinions on the film by looking at the likes.

Rewards for LMS 

Similarly, the best and quickest way to generate engagement and likes is with rewards. You will receive more attention if you post a video with a description like’

“LMS and you get to see a lot of funny videos like this,” assuming your video is genuinely funny.


LMS is simple to use, as was previously mentioned. However, it might not function the same for everyone. While using LMS as ‘Like My Status’ you must make sure that your movies and status updates are engaging enough for users to enjoy them. Additionally, you must attentively study the samples to comprehend how to express your thoughts.

In addition, what does LMS mean in text has another abbreviation. That is ‘Let me see’. Which is commonly used in texting and conversations, as discussed. 

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What Is KMS Meaning in Text & On Social Media?



What Is KMS Meaning in Text & On Social Media?

The new generation and their conversations are all about short forms and abbreviations. Moreover, it’s kind of a digital world with advanced technology. Today’s article discusses KMS meaning in context and how it is used on social media and as a management system technique. 

For the first case, we discuss the meaning of this term on social media. The slang means “kill myself.” However, people use these kinds of slang in different situations are now trending. So, nobody can guess whether it’s frustration or an indication that a person can hurt themselves.

Now, if we talk about the term in management, it stands for “Knowledge Management System.” Moreover, it’s a system used to keep the system’s knowledge organized so it can be shared with employees and customers.

To know more about KMS’s meaning, you can read the article and understand much more about new-generation slang and its meaning. 

What is KMS Meaning?

In early 2009, this slang evolved on social media. As it refers to a lot of emotions such as frustration or aggression. The teenagers usually use social media platforms such as Snapchat, to use the term KMS meaning kill myself.

Kill Myself

Some people usually use the term with their close friends circle. For example, some people usually use this slang in times of inconvenience or in situations they find unlucky. They usually use this term to let their frustration out.

Your friends might use this when they talk about a routine situation that irritates them. For example, if they had a busy and restless day, or something unusual happened. Some also use the slang that means kill myself when they are just being goofy or having fun.

Kill Me Slowly

Usually, teenagers use the term “kill me slowly” when they are annoyed or boredom strikes hard. Maybe they are watching a series or movie that’s too dragging, or maybe their teacher is taking too much of their time. They might also use the term when they are a bit restless.

KMS as a sense of sarcasm

Some people usually use this term, which means “kill me slowly,” to show a sense of sarcasm or to make a joke. Forexample,e when they’re about to ask you something for which they are waiting eagerly. Or they might use the term to talk about something that is taking too long to be accomplished. Some may use KMS when they are in a sillier mood to make a comment. 

Knowledge Management System

Another KMS meaning besides the slang is Knowledge Management System. Besides, it is an organizational knowledge management system. KMS is a centralized repository used to collect, organize, and distribute knowledge among staff members and clients.

What Is KMS Meaning in Text & On Social Media?
KMS Meaning

Is There Any Relation Between KMS and Suicide?

Moreover, your friends may use KMS in situations where they need your help and support. In this situation, it refers to “kill myself’’. Further, they are not being funny or making a joke. Also, your friends might use this term after telling you about their emotional pain or mental state. They would tell you about the crisis that has negatively affected them. 

In addition, their voices might sound as if they are feeling devastated or sad. They may also tell you that their life feels empty. 

Is KMS Meaning “kill myself,” A Joke to be Concerned About?

If your friend is a very playful person who overreacts a lot, he might be joking or playing around with you. At that time, they are hoping that you will also play with them and tease them about the things they tell you. They also want you to react because they are very over-the-top.

Your Friend’s Body Language Expresses A Sense Of Critique

Everyone has a strong view, and they want you to know that. Similarly, KMS meaning kill myself indicates their sense of disliking you so that you may commiserate with them or rant along with them.

Being Sarcastic For Showing Their Frustration and Irritability

Sometimes in life, people face a lot of hardships and struggles, and they might become difficult to cope with. This causes a person to be frustrated and irritated. So they use the slang as a chance to complain about their lives.

Having A Bad Day 

Sometimes things are going pretty well, but they unfortunately have to face times of bad luck and misfortune. In these conditions, you need to assure them that you’re near them so that they can talk or offer them some consideration to uplift their mood.

They Can’t Wait For Something That’s Special For Them

They feel impatient for something that is making them wait for too long. They may also use KMS meaning kill myself when they’re waiting for the time until they can again enjoy their life. They also have a countdown going on for the time when they can have fun again.

Doing Fun Activities With Your Friend 

Let your friends know if they’re being extremely histrionic and overreacting. If they’re being annoying or overstressing on something, then just give them a reminder to be calmer. Try to cheer them up by telling them some good jokes and telling them that the next one will be optimistic. Your good behavior towards them would definitely make them say LOL instead of slang.

How to Know If KMS Bring up to Suicidal Thoughts

If a person had already talked about suicide or self-harm before, he might make an attempt for that. Due to this, KMS meaning kill myself refers to them harming themselves or attempting suicide. Some studies also indicate that people who already talk about harming themselves are more likely to crack jokes about killing themselves. Even their humor and sarcasm are a bit concerning because they could relate to their struggling mental health. 

You must note some points if such a person uses the slang term KMS. So, if any human ever tells you about suffering from conditions such as depression, insomnia, or anxiety. Thus, if somebody shares their mental health problems with you or tells you how they would kill themselves, you should be more vigilant and concerned. If a person has ever been tormented or mistreated in any public place or their home, you should be more alarmed.

When Should You Be Concerned About the Term KMS Meaning?

Even if someone uses the term KMS meaning kill myself for the first time, follow up with their explicit details about self-harm. One case is enough to be concerned and vigilant. A person who uses this term in the sense of a joke has a soft voice. Meanwhile, the person who refers to self-harm would focus on harming oneself. They often use the term after referring to ways of killing themselves. Such people use this slang after telling others about their devastating mental health.  


Seeking medical assistance and adult help in times of crisis is necessary. Therefore, you should always be vigilant about the people around you. Whenever you note that they may harm themselves or have any plan to do so by saying KMS meaning Kill Myself, involve any trusted adult. If you feel that the situation may worsen  after involving an adult, seek medical assistance as well. Nonetheless, you could even go ahead and let your friend know that they are at risk. This may save their lives. If you feel that your friend is in danger, seek help from professional counselors.

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Have You Ever Connected to a Bluetooth device listed as Elk Bledom?



Have You Ever Connected to a Bluetooth device listed as Elk Bledom?

After reading the word “elk Bledom,” you might be wondering what it means. Don’t worry, everyone who is unfamiliar with it gets puzzled. But it is not a major problem. 

However, the purpose of this blog post is to clarify the significance of the device that persistently shows up on your Bluetooth list. You might be fearful of this weird device’s nature and the circumstances surrounding its inclusion in your Bluetooth list. 

Also, you will discover the definition, attributes, and many more details about the device. This article can provide you with all the pertinent information on the Elk Beldom Bluetooth. Therefore, start reading about it now to ensure that you do not miss a single detail.

Additionally, you will discover how it functions and is used as trending device!

A Bluetooth LED strip light called as Elk Bledom

There is a chance that someone nearby has a smart LED strip lamp. In which plug-in is extremely high. So, if you see the device in the Bluetooth connection list on any device (such as an iPhone, Android smartphone, PC, Mac, or other).

Frequently, these strip lights are on In addition, feature a generic Bluetooth chipset that shows up as “ELK BLEDOM” in Bluetooth device lists. They can work via a smartphone app over Bluetooth.

For instance, the owner of one of the strip lights is instructed in the manual to connect to the device. That is why the light may be controlled via an app on a smartphone. Dozens of different brands of LED strip lights on Amazon likely use this generic chipset. Which is certainly readily accessible off-the-shelf in China, where they are bent.

Have You Ever Connected to a Bluetooth device listed as Elk Bledom?
Elk Bledom

What If There Is No Access to an LED Strip Light?

Individuals looking for Bluetooth devices are finding neighboring strip lights that belong to others. Most likely their neighbors. Which is why Elk Bledom is such a mystery. In one instance, they discovered an LED strip light at a different home more than 70 feet away (and connected to it).

Furthermore, the “BLE” in the signature most likely stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. A variety of Bluetooth made specifically for low-power gadgets. However, despite this, these LED strip lights frequently appear on Bluetooth lists from unusually far away. Nonetheless, they suggest that they have a stronger Bluetooth signal than many other devices. A typical Bluetooth device has a range of about 30 feet.

What If It Is a Secret Camera?

Online, there have been rumors that the device may relate to a Bluetooth-enabled hidden camera or surveillance camera. We looked everywhere, but we could not find any manuals or other supporting materials. Most likely, those who watch it do not own LED strip lights in their homes. Or who are unaware that their LED strip lights have Bluetooth capabilities, were concerned about the camera rumor.

Moreover, install LED light controller software on your phone, such as duoCo Strip for iPhone or Android. You can still quickly rule out the presence of a camera. When you run it, the “Group Manage” tab on the side will probably show “BLEDOM” or “ELK BLEDOM”. If so, you are aware that it is a strip light. However, if the signal is strong enough, you might even be able to connect to the strip light gadget. The amazing thing about these LED strip lights is that they do not employ any kind of Wi-Fi security. Thus, if you have one, anyone close to the app may control it.

Have You Ever Connected to a Bluetooth device listed as Elk Bledom?
Elk Bledom

Characteristics of the Device

Elk Bledom specifications are provided below; by reading them, you will learn many of the fundamentals about this product.

Even Shenzhen Elk Technology creates the LEDlighting strips under the brand name Company device.

Parts of Device

  • About 300 led bulbs make up one strip of the LED of device lights. 
  • The container also contains additional significant components of varying kinds. 
  • Elk Bledom comes with a receiver box, splitter, and power adapter.

Device’s Color 

  • Device LEDs include color codes for R, G, and B 
  • Used to create a variety of combinations, including R+G+B, R+G, R+B, and G+B. 
  • The splitter supports the regulation of the color codes in several ways.

Device is Water resistant

  • Color light strips made by the device that are water resistant. 
  • They can be used to decorate the outside of the house because they have an IP65 waterproof rating.

Voltage of Device

  • It takes roughly 12 volts of direct current electricity to turn on the illumination elk bledom on Bluetooth. 
  • The power adaptor powers the lights, which continuously provide vibrant, effective colors.

Device’s Temperature 

Bluetooth-enabled device speaker light systems can function in temperatures ranging from 20 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Angle of Device

A good wide angle of 120 degrees can be used to make the light rays reflect lovely color combinations.

Expiry of Device

Elk Bledom air pods lights with Bluetooth often have an expiration date of three years. Consequently, you can use them at home events and small gatherings.

Setup for Device Connection

Here is an outline of a typical procedure for setting up this device Bluetooth pairing connection.

  1. Device LED light strips should be taken and plugged into the switchboard now.
  2. Turn the switch on and then activate your device’s Bluetooth.
  3. See the Bluetooth pairing list.
  4. Pair the gadget with the device by choosing its name from the list.
  5. On your phone, download the duoCo Strip elk bledom Bluetooth app.
  6. Consequently, link the lights in the app.
  7. Apply the adjustments and manage the light
Have You Ever Connected to a Bluetooth device listed as Elk Bledom?
Elk Bledom

Device Removal

The following are the steps for removing the Bluetooth device.

  1. Activate your phone.
  2. Then access Bluetooth services.
  3. Visit the Bluetooth pairing page
  4. Look for the name of device in the list.
  5. Tap the device to select it.
  6. Selecting the “forget” option
  7. Verify and restart your gadget.


Additionally, you can use an app like Wunderfind (on iPhone or Android) to attempt to determine the exact location of the ELK BLEDOM device. 

Run Wunderfind and move around the area to accomplish this. You will see changes in the distance to the device as you go.

By doing this, you can determine its location and distance, as well as, if it isn’t in someone else’s home or the flat next door, perhaps find the device.

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