Shadman: A Controversial Artist

Shadman is a well-known artist, cartoonist, YouTuber, media personality, and social media sensation. Likewise, Shadman’s real name is Shaddai Prejean. However, he got recognition as a celebrity around the nation for his incredible artwork in pornographic material and images of girls. 

On his social media accounts and YouTube page, he has thousands of subscribers. Primarily, he posts his artwork, comics, and drawings. He went viral for his cartoons and paintings for adults. After the story of his detention went viral, Shaddai has gained attention. According to certain sources, he got detained on October 28, 2021, in Los Angeles. Later, the cause of his arrest is still a mystery. 

To learn more about Shaddai Prejean’s age, family, girlfriend, height, biography, career, net worth, arrest, and other details, read the complete article.

Shadman: A controversial Artist

Shadman’s Quick Facts

Real NameShaddai Prejean 
Nick Name Shadman
Date of Birth9 September 1990
Age 32 years old
Nationality Swiss
Place of Birth Switzerland 
ProfessionArtist, Cartoonist, Social media star
Net Worth$3-$4 million
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA

Biography of Shadman

On September 9, 1990, Shaddai Prejean was born in Switzerland. Currently, Shadman and Shadbase are two of his well-known social media names. He is 32 years of age (as of 2022). According to the reports, he relocated to Los Angeles, California, in the United States some time ago. 

Further, Prejean received his basic education at a neighborhood school. It includes rumors, that his school expelled him for drawing unethical cartoons of young women. He reportedly went to an art school to refine his artistic abilities. 

In other words, he was born and raised in Switzerland. He attended school there and received his fundamental education. After a while, he produced an inappropriate illustration of girls under the age of 18. Rather than changing his course, he tried improving his drawings by enrolling in art school. People recognized his work as heavily edited when they saw it. In addition, the art school expelled him as well.

Further, there is nothing sourced about his family. Perhaps Shaddai Prejean wishes to keep his past quiet. 

When it comes to his family, he is very private. Also, on his social media accounts, he never displayed photos of his parents. Assuming that his mother is a stay-at-home mom and his dad is a small business owner.

Additionally, Shaddai has never revealed anything about his siblings. He practices Christianity as his religion. Since there is insufficient information on his ethnic heritage. We assume he is of mixed ethnicity.

Relationship Status of Shaddai 

Moreover, Prejean is a highly accomplished and famous artist. Every detail of his personal life is a hidden mystery. Nevertheless, we have been unable to get any information regarding his girlfriend. Even after scanning through Shadman’s social media accounts. Furthermore, it is probable that he wants to be successful and is now single.

Physical Appearance of Prejean

Shadman is a masked man of his social appearance. However, we have managed to get details about his physical attributes. Shaddai is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. His weight, on the other hand, is 69 kg. Besides his facial features, Prejean has black hair with a short length. 

Shaddai’s Career 

Nonetheless, Prejean aspires to create cartoon doodles as an artist. Yet, he began enhancing his drawing abilities when he was quite young. Shadman has a remarkable knack for sketching anything he wants. But he started creating pornographic material and images of girls to post on his social media accounts.

As a Creative Artist

Still, he enjoys creating cartoons of diverse characters. Frequently, Shaddai created pornographic cartoons of women. His drawings gained criticism as well. In addition, he avoided appearing in any public spaces. 

Being a YouTuber

On March 28, 2010, Shadman launched his YouTube channel, which, as of November 2021, had 321k followers. As of the time this story came into being, he had 34 million views on his YouTube channel.

For the past three years, the YouTube channel of Shaddai has had nothing posted. 79k people had watched his debut video as of November 2021. Prejean posted on March 28, 2010, with the title “Shadman Painting Video: Busy Day at the Workplace!” Due to their inappropriate content, the majority of his videos rate R.

Controversies about Shaddai Prejean

In some situations and circumstances, Shaddai Prejean has faced more abuse than anyone else. A fan of Shaddai once requested that he draw Keemstar’s 7-year-old daughter. Even Donald Trump was part of it. When Trump won the elections, he accepted it as a challenge and unveiled the artwork. He had to remove it from the news because Keemstar was going to protest.

In the same manner, he produced a picture of Edd Gould raped by the Grim Reaper, the God of Death. Although it presents a nice picture. However, immoral content is not welcome on all sites. People in the area gave it a low rating, but he kept the substance.

Shadbase had involvement in numerous controversies. He also sketched offensive images of Elastigirl and Loli. Moreover, Dafne Keen, who was only 12 years old at the time, was also the subject of an offensive artwork by the artist.

Finally, yet importantly, he last spotted with a lethal weapon and dressed as an assaulter. He went into custody after allegedly assaulting someone. Yet the matter is still pending because no decision came out. 

Shadman: A controversial Artist

Arresting Shaddai

On October 28, 2021, a sizable number of users began broadcasting news of his detention on social media. The overwhelming response of them by the opinion that Shaddai Prejean should be in jail.

They got him a user tweet. Yet, another person commented, 

“Shadman was detained in Los Angeles for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. I’m shocked he got arrested for assault with a weapon and not for being a pedo. Goodbye, I say.”


The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly detained Shaddai Prejean after his report went viral on social media. According to sources, he remain detained under Section 245(A)1, which pertains to “assault with a deadly weapon.” The precise reason for Shaddai’s arrest is still unknown. Additionally, for an inexplicable reason, his Instagram account is also inaccessible.

Right now, he is at the Glendale Courthouse. Police officials have not made the alleged attack’s specifics public. His next court appearance is to be on November 19, 2021.

Prejean’s Net worth

It is not as if the work he does is impermissible or anything. Lately, pornographic media is widely produce and is commercially successful. So, before quitting his job, he was active on several platforms and was making a good living from them.

Shadman’s net worth is approximately to be between $3 and $4 million. You might be wondering how, though! However, it all depends on the target market. People interested in his material watch him and follow him wherever he goes. He was able to make a lot of money from his career. As a result, that is how he came to have a high net worth.


Where is Shaddai Prejean today?

He is presently a Burbank, California, resident.

What is Shadman’s real name?

He is also identify as Shaddai Prejean, a Swiss artist best known for his graphic novels and webcomic that feature explicit sexual content.

Where was Shaddai born?

On September 9, 1990, Shaddai Prejean was born in Switzerland.

Why is Prejean in jail?

YouTuber Shaddai Prejean detained in Los Angeles for an alleged deadly weapon assault.

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