Selene Delgado: A Hoax or Real Human

Selene Delgado a human being or an imaginative person. Moreover, she got famous when she appeared on everybody’s Facebook friend list. People found suspicious about the individuality of Delgado. Later, people discovered that no such person exists in real life. Some people told Delgado is the same person who’s also similar to a missing person. 

Later, they discover that the image of Selene Delgado was a hoax created by Channel 5. Moreover, it appeared on TV in the summer of 2022. In this article, we discuss Delgado her life, and we see if she is a human being or not. She became a Celebrity without even existing.

Selene Delgado: A Hoax or Real Human
Selene Delgado Facebook

From Where Selene Delgado Appeared

A Mexican television in the 1990s and 2000s named Channel 5. Moreover, the channel had a section that talk about missing people. One of those people was Delgado who everybody thought was a true crime addict or a hoax. 

How Delgado Got On The Internet

Delgado On Facebook

In September 2020, an unusual thing happened. A person named Selene Delgado suddenly appeared on everybody’s friend list. Moreover, people said it was a marketing strategy of channel 5 to increase its popularity. Also, it can be a fake profile. 

Delgado: A Real Human Or An Imagination

On September 2nd, 2021, Florecita Dreams a Youtuber used a Photographic image to prove that any person like Delgado doesn’t exist. Moreover, the video gained around 103,000 views in eleven months.

In his video, he compared the picture of Delgado to a murderer named Derrick Todd Lee. Later, people thought that it was the manipulation of Lee’s picture. Unfortunately, channel 5 was blamed for that picture and making it a piece of news for their headlines.  

Another Youtuber Nexpo on October 29th, 2021, covered a video titled “Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 13].” In the video, he uncovered the reality that even though she is alive or is missing. The video received over 4.5 million views in nine months. 

Selene Delgado: A Hoax or Real Human
Selene Delgado Image

Selene Delgado NextBot

In the summer of 2022, Delgado remained popular on the internet. Moreover, she appeared as a bot in the NextBot Chase Garry’s Mod game. On June 11th, 2021 the bot was submitted on Steam Workshop by a user named Dunkaccino. 

The bot also appeared on several TikTok and YouTube. Moreover, On July 6th, 2022 Youtuber Davi posted a video that gained 9,786 plus views on the video in three weeks. Another Youtuber Igor Bronshtein on 6th May 2022 posted a video that gained 5.7 million views in 2 months. 


We see that nobody knows that Delgado is alive, a missing person, or doesn’t even exist. Moreover, the mystery is still not solved about her identity. 


Is Selene Delgado’s alive?

Delgado is a real person or not nobody knows that. People think that this is a fake Facebook profile and a publicity stunt.

Selene Delgado’s Facebook profile?

You can find her with the surname ‘Selene Delgado Lopez.’ 

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