Rayna Tyson: How’s she related to Mike Tyson?      

Rayna Tyson a very familiar name in the world of celebrities. She’s the famous daughter of boxing champion Mike Tyson. Also, he was considered the most famous boxer of his time. Even though, he had an aggressive nature in his boxing life.

Although, Rayna was quite famous due to her father. But she chose to make her own identity in the entertainment industry. Due to her parent’s controversies, she remained in media attention for a very long time.

Even though people backbite about their family and controversies but no one dares to speak up against Mike Tyson. It’s all because he’s an excellent boxing champion.

Rayna Tyson this young woman chose to create her own identity rather than getting famous as a celebrity kid. His father Mike made sure and supported her to achieve her goals. Later, she worked in films as a part of the crew team in “Joker and The Death” and “Life of Marsha P. Johnson”.  

 In this article, we go through her Biography, age, appearance, career, and much more.

Quick Facts: Rayna Tyson

NameRayna Tyson
Date of Birth14th February 1996
Birth PlaceUnited State
Zodiac SignAquarius
Age26 Years Old
Parent’sMike Tyson and Monica Teresa Turner
SiblingAmir Tyson
Marital StatusSingle
Rayna Tyson: How’s she related to Mike Tyson?
Rayna Tyson Family

Rayna Tyson Biography

Rayna Tyson was born on 14th February 1996 in the United States. However, people were amazed that the daughter of such an aggressive boxer was born on the day of love. She holds American nationality. Moreover, Tyson belongs to a Christian family. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Rayna was from the second marriage of mike. Monica Turner is her legal mother. Moreover, she’s a famous pediatrician. Due to some personal issues between the couple, they decided to part ways.

 Much is not known about Rayna’s education or qualification. It is to be supposed that she completed her studies even her graduation from the United States.

Although, Tyson’s parents were not in a good relationship they made sure to raise their children in a healthy environment. Rayna had only one brother named Amir Tyson. They both had a loving relationship and spent most of their time together.

The Career of Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson always wanted to become an actress. Moreover, she was passionate and from a very young age, she focused on her goal. In addition, to pursue her dream she started working as a crew member and work behind the camera first. Rayna worked in movies as well as TV shows. One of her famous shows is named “The Death and Life of Marsha and Joker”.

Moreover, she started working at a studio in 2017 when she studied at her school. From there, she started to master the art of production. In addition to that, she filmed and produce some short films and web series with help of her fellow colleagues.

Net Worth of Tyson

Nothing is known about her net worth. Moreover, she remains out of the social media world. No Instagram, Facebook, or any kind of app she has used. Moreover, she keeps her life very private.

Right now she is setting her goals and working on them. But we are pretty sure some day she would reach her goal. However, Mike Tyson’s net worth is around $10 million.

Parents of Rayna Tyson

Mike Tyson a much-known name to your ears. Yes! The famous boxing champion. Rayna is the daughter of this celebrity. Not just her father, but her mother Monica turner is a pediatrician. Rayna got famous due to her father who achieved a lot of love and awards in his boxing career.

The Love story of Mike Tyson and Monica Turner

Both the love bird met at an event in New Jersey in 1990. After several meetings, they started dating each other and thought this relationship would last long. The couple got media attention due to being a perfect couple. After release from jail in 1995 Monica still waited for Mike and proved to be loyal to him. In 1996 they welcomed Rayna Tyson and got legally married in 1997.

They got married in a simple and graceful style. Moreover, the couple was blessed again with a baby boy Amir Tyson in 1997.

Divorce of Rayna’s Parents

Even after supporting mike at her lowest Monica got betrayed. Mike Tyson cheated on her with another girl. This time Monica decided to part ways. In 2002 after so many struggles and hardships in the relationship they got divorced. Both of them could have been an example to couples but due to Mike’s cheating and aggressive behavior, she changed her decision.

Controversies about Mike Tyson

However, things turned out to be worst for them when a pageant participant accused Mike. He got arrested for six years in jail for the case of molestation. But Monica didn’t turn her back on Mike. However, she decided to stay with him even after this accusation. Maybe this was her true love for mike and trust in their relationship.

Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last long and Mike was arrested again due to violence and beating two motorcyclists. He was arrested under these charges.


After her parents’ divorce Rayna and Amir’s custody was given to Monica. In alimony, she received the house of Bethesda. That’s the house they have spent most of their childhood. If we talk about the mansion it’s worth USD 9.8 million. By nature, Rayna is loving and caring.

 She keeps close contact with her father and also she loves spending time with her half-siblings and stepmothers. Although she had a tough time with her parent’s marriage she accepted the fact and lived in the situation.


How old is Rayna Tyson?

Rayna Tyson was born on February 14, 1996, in the United States. Moreover, she is 26 years old.

How much is Mike Tyson worth as of today?

Mike Tyson the famous boxing champion, was known as a star of boxing fights in his time. Currently, his net worth is around $10 million.

Who is Mike Tyson’s current wife?

Mike Tyson had very hard luck in his love life. He married thrice. Moreover, he got married to Robin Givens in 1988. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1989. Later he married Monica Turner in 1997. They had a relationship of seven years and later separated their ways. Lastly, he married Lakiha Spicer in 2009.   

How old is Mikey Lorna?

Born in 1990 she is 32 years old.

How much did Don King make on the Rumble in the Jungle?

“The Rumble in the Jungle” was a fight that took place between George Foreman and Mohammed Ali in 1974. It turned out to be the biggest record break in fighting history. That match earned $10 million.

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