Mark Fluent: Husband of Justin Bateman

People are on the hunt for Mark Fluent due to his popular wife Justine Bateman. Yes! Justine Bateman is another face of the entertainment industry. She is an American producer, writer, and director in Hollywood. 

Though, Mark does not belong to the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, his career path made him well-established. Currently, Mark Fluent is a Managing Director and Head of Western US real estate for Deutsche Bank. 

Mark Fluent: Husband of Justin Bateman
Mark Fluent and Wife

Quick Facts about Mark Fluent

BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Age59 years old
Zodiac signUnknown
Height6 feet 6 inches
Marital statusMarried
Wife nameJustine Bateman
Children Gianetta Fluent & Duke Kenneth
Weight 55 kg
Net worth$3 million

Background of Mark Fluent

Not much information got released about Mark Fluent life. However, Fluent was born in Los Angeles, California in 1962. At present, Mark is 59 years old. Yet, his actual date of birth is still not known to the public. 

Similarly, Fluent’s family background, siblings, and parents’ information are not out to the public sight. Clearly, this shows that Mark Fluent never opens up and shared his life in any interview.  

Moreover, Mark completed higher school and went to the University of Southern California for a bachelor’s degree. 

Nowadays, Mark is a Managing Director and Head of Western US Real Estate for Deutsche Bank. He overlooks Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles Offices. 

Famous wife of Mr. Fluent

Justine Bateman is an actress, director, producer, and writer. Mark and Justine enjoying their marriage for 2 decades. However, Bateman is well known for her work in the industry. Such as, ‘Family Ties’, ‘Satisfaction’, and ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Moreover, Justine recently published a novel name ‘Face: One square foot of Skin’ on 6 April 2021. At Present, Justine is 55 years old and she is the elder sister of Jason Bateman who is a Hollywood actress. 

Previously, Justine Bateman mentioned in an interview that Mark Fluent met her in high school. The couple dated for several years. Later, they got married in January 2001. However, Mark and Justine come out and about in public often. But, they are less active as a couple on social media. 

After marriage, Mark started to invest his time in business profits. Whereas, Bateman enjoyed those years in her acting profession. Mrs. Fluent got recognition after performing Mallory Keaton in the Family Ties show on NBC. The show ran from 1982 to 1989. Alongside, she received two Emmy nominations for the same show. 

According to Mark, his wife Justine Bateman had an eating disorder. However, it was cured after she got help from a rehab center. In an interview Bateman mentioned, 

“I found the highest high by hitting the lowest low. I’ve actually become the person I always wanted to become, although not in the way I thought it would happen. I realized I had eating disorders, went into recovery, and found a relationship with God.”

Before marrying Mark, Justin had dated Leif Garrett in 1980. Since after the marriage there are no hints of separation between Mark Fluent and Justine Bateman. This shows their love is still intact even after 20 years of marriage. 

Children of Mark and Justine

Soon after marriage, the duo got blessed with a child. However, Mark and Justine have two biological children together. A daughter named Gianetta Fluent was born in June 2004. Whereas, a son named Duke Kenneth was born in January 2002. 

Mostly, Gia appeared on Justine Bateman’s Instagram account. Besides that, the entire family was at different events together. 

Successful Career of Mark

Mark Fluent started his career after graduating from college. He started as a real estate developer. 

Though the first decade was not in favor of Mark. In 1994, Fluent got a job at the Monserrat Securities Corporation. Here, he worked for one year and in the middle of 1995, he left for another position. 

Years later, in 2007 Mark started to work at Lehman Brothers Inc. as a broker. However, he worked here for a year and left in 2008. After that Fluent, spend some time at Pembroke Capital Management. 

His success story begins in 2013 when Mark joined Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Mark Fluent’s career took the right turn here. The owners of the company got impressed by his work and kept him in their company. 

Mark Fluent became the Head of West Coast Real Estate Bank after making 30 years of experience in real estate commercials. During these successful years, Mark provided capital assets of real estate to owners and developers at a national level. He even, distributed real estate commercial debt to finance capital. For example, mezzanine debt, first mortgages, commercial mortgage-backed securities, bridge loans, and considered fairness too. 

Mark Fluent’s story as a Leader

At Deutsche Bank, Mark Fluent’s team was the fast-growing group. He earned a lot of success as managing Director at the Bank. Not just that, he made the Bank a market leader in the CMBS organization. In 2010, Fluent helped and co-founded his group. His company stood first in the League Tables for 7 for 8 years. 

Furthermore, Mark was in charge of a few West Coast hotels, multifamily units, and offices. They were the owners and developers on the balance sheet side. Along with that, his team targeted Silicon Valley investment and emerging technology markets. In 2011, they hit with a powerful mission and strategy in downtown Los Angeles and Culver City. 

Mark Fluent made Deutsche Bank a huge participant in the commercial real estate business. Therefore, it lends an asset to Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft. Surprisingly, he hit the digital companies because they helped expand the new media industry through these big firms. 

Since 2010, Fluent runs Loan organizations for Special Situations in the USA and Deutsche Bank’s balance sheets. Moreover, he looks after San Francisco and Dallas real estate teams for Deutsche Bank. 

Initially, after bouncing from several jobs. Mark Fluent became proud of finally becoming a leader. 

Fluent’s Net worth

As discussed above, Mark Fluent did not disclose his personal information. However, his net worth was approximately above $3 million. 

Yet, Mark is a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. So his annual salary estimated at $252,763-$350,000. Fluent’s LinkedIn Profile shows that he works in the Bank for more than 11 years. 

Moreover, if we look at Justine Bateman’s net worth it is near $6 million. 


What is Mark Fluent’s Age?

Mark is 59 years old today. He was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Who is Mark Fluent’s Wife?

Fluent is married to his long-time partner Justine Bateman. The couple married in January 2001.

How many children does Mark Fluent have?

Mr. Fluent and his wife Justine Bateman have two children. One daughter named Gianetta Fluent and a son named, Duke Kenneth

What is Mark Fluent Net Worth?

Mark Fluent net worth is $3 million as of 2021.

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