Malcolm Washington An Athlete to Filmmaker

Malcolm Washington is a young athlete who is now recognized as a talented American film director, screenwriter, and movie producer. He was raised with a strong sense of the creative process. Being everything in life is fascinating, right? He is a former basketball player, a former assistant director, a former producer, a writer, and the son of well-known Hollywood figures.

Malcolm is the son of the well-known and acclaimed Hollywood actor Denzel Washington and actress Paulette Washington. What a fortunate man he is, don’t you think? Malcolm excelled at sports from a young age. Later on, though, he changed his profession by giving up his basketball career.

Malcolm Washington profession in the entertainment sector began in 2014 as a production assistant in the popular film “chef.” He has since played a number of parts in the film industry.

Malcolm Washington An Athlete to Filmmaker
Malcolm Washington

Here are specifics about the accomplished Malcolm. So let’s go on to the gist of a young film writer.

Malcolm Washington’s Quick Facts 

Full NameMalcolm Washington
Birth Date1991, April 10
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Film Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Father’s NameDenzel Washington
Mother’s NamePauletta Washington
SiblingsOlivia Washington(Sister), Katia Washington(sister), John Dave Washington(Brother)
Age31 Years Old
Height5ft 9inches 
Weight75 Kgs 
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
ProfessionFormer Basketball Player, Film Maker, Director, Film Writer
Net Worth$2 million

Life Story of Malcolm Washington

On 10 April 1991, Malcolm was born in Los Angeles, California. Denzel and Paulette Washington, who are both proud of him, welcomed him into the world. However, Malcolm was born into a family of theater professionals and actors. He developed a keen interest in movies and filmmaking at a very young age. 

Therefore, Malcolm Washington pursued his interest further by enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania to get a bachelor’s degree in film studies. Moreover, Malcolm had a strong basketball career at the same time and even represented his college in the sport. After receiving his degree in 2013, he made the decision to stop playing competitive basketball and concentrate only on movies. In 2014, he started working in the entertainment business as a production assistant for the popular film “Chef.” 

Further, it’s interesting to note that Olivia Washington, Malcolm’s twin sister, was also born. He got also reared alongside his three siblings. Both an actor and a former football player, John David is his brother. Katia, his sister, works as an assistant in editorial production at the same time. In films including “Django Unchained (2012),” “Fences (2016),” and “The Birth of a Nation (2016),” she has served as an affiliated producer and directorial assistant.

Besides that, Malcolm has expressed how close he is to his family members. And, how they have always been there for him. It is unknown if he is currently dating someone because he is quite private when it comes to sharing details about his personal life with the public.

Also, Malcolm is an American citizen and is of Afro-American ancestry.

Malcolm Washington and Family

Malcolm Parents

The celebrity child Malcolm Washington is the son of Denzel Washington and Paulette Washington. Yet, both are well-known figures in Hollywood.

An accomplished Hollywood performer, Denzel Washington also won three Golden Glove Awards, one Tony Award, and seventeen NAACP Image Awards. Additionally, Denzel was honored with two Academy Awards. One was Best Supporting Actor for his role as Union Army soldier Private Trip in the historical drama Glory (1989). For his performance as corrupt detective Alonzo Harris in the crime thriller Training Day (2001). Again, he was also given the “Best Actor” award.

Denzel was named the top actor of the twenty-first century by The New York Times in 2020. In other words, Denzel is an actor who reimagined “the concept of classic movie stardom,” connecting with figures that embody grace, dignity, humanism, and inner fortitude.

Moreover, In a similar vein, Pauletta Washington is a well-known actress best recognized for her roles in Steps, Philadelphia, and Antwon Fisher. In addition, she was 39 years old when Malcolm and Olivia were born.

Being close to everyone in the family, Malcolm surely has a lot of family support and collaboration.

Washington’s Twin Sister

Olivia Washington particularly got known for her performances in the 2013 and 2015 movies. Therefore, the Butler, Robot, and Madoff. Olivia Washington is most noted. Moreover, for being the daughter of Paulette and Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. However, the duo are two American actors, directors, and producers.

Olivia Washington followed her parent’s example. And, as she progressed in her career they were encouraging and supportive towards her.

Body Measurements of Malcolm

Malcolm, who is 31 years old, was born on April 10, 1991, in Los Angeles.

Besides that, Malcolm Washington stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and weighs about 75 kg. Malcolm is smaller than Denzel Washington, his father. Along with that, Denzel is a tall man at 1.85 meters. 

As shown, Malcolm’s horoscope is an Aries by his birth chart. His horoscope describes Aries as a passionate, determined, and self-assured leader who fosters community through their upbeat demeanor and unwavering resolve.

Malcolm Washington’s Basketball Career

Malcolm is a person with many talents who have had success in a different field. As a basketball player, he enjoyed a successful career. Moreover, he has also competed for his college in a variety of leagues and events. Similarly, Malcolm Washington started his first game at Yale in 2009.

He took the place of Rosen, who was benched for breaking team rules. Additionally, on November 16 at Villanova, Malcolm scored his first points as a member of the collegiate level. Then, with two assists, he scored three points against Delaware (11/21) and three points against Davidson (12/28). In opposition to Delaware, Davidson, and Saint Joseph, he played the season with all of his might (1/25).

Furthermore, Washington earned four basketball letters later in high school. He had made a significant contribution to his team’s success in helping his college win the championship.

Additionally, Malcolm teamed up as a point guard. Alongside Anthony Stover and Darius Morris, who are currently playing for Michigan and UCLA, respectively.

Malcolm’s final year as a senior captain (29-6) record saw their school win the CIF Division V state championship. Because of his contribution and the work of his squad. In other words, he demonstrated that he is the best at what he does.

Malcolm Washington’s Film-Making Career

After earning a degree in filmmaking in 2013, the path to a career as a filmmaker begins. Malcolm with a fresh start, a new perspective, and a new goal, but with constant family support. He was just a few steps away from achieving huge success as he assumed his parent’s role in a cinematic career.

Therefore, Malcolm Washington entered the movie industry in 2014 as a production assistant for Jon Favreau’s action comedy “Chef.” As it became a box office success, he experienced success.

Similarly to this, he participated in the Jackson Young short film “Trouble Man” in 2016 as a second assistant director. Once more, the response to “Trouble Man” was excellent and received high marks from critics.

Malcolm entered the film industry in 2017 and has since worked as a director, producer, assistant director, and writer.

He assisted Spike Lee on the television show “She’s Gotta Have It” for eight episodes.

His work was well accepted and enjoyed by the audience. Not to mention, in 2017 Malcolm also directed and produced the comedy-drama “summer of 17.”

Malcolm’s Work

Additionally, Malcolm experienced enormous popularity with the self-written and self-directed short play “Benny Got Shot.” His film was consequently showing up at the Palm Screen Short Films and the Los Angeles Short Film Showcase.

Alongside, he received the “Filmmaker to Watch Award” from the Atlanta Film Festival the same year. Also, Malcolm Washington served as the showrunner for the 2018 television productions Dream America and I, Too.

Malcolm feels confident that he possesses the art and aptitude needed to thrive in the film industry after reviewing his film-related work.

Washington’s Net Worth 

Malcolm Washington, a famous Hollywood actor’s son, is significantly less wealthy than his parents are.

Overall, Malcolm’s estimated net worth is therefore close to $2 million. Writing, directing, and producing all make contributions. While this is happening, Denzel Washington, Malcolm’s father, is the owner of approximately $220 million, a considerable sum when compared to Malcolm’s income.

So let’s hope he continues to grow in the future, achieving high prestige in his name, popularity, and financial worth.

Personal Life of Washington

Malcolm is one of those famous children that keep all of their information hidden from the public and the media. Either, he chooses to keep his family in the dark about his personal life or chooses to discuss it with them.

Malcolm avoids having any relationships with women, including those based on love. Furthermore, he never engages in gossip about any women. Although it has not yet been confirmed, several reports claim that he is dating someone secretly. Malcolm Washington is the only one who knows whether he is dating or not. But from what we can tell, he excels at maintaining his personal life’s secrecy.

Controversy of Malcolm

Malcolm keeps a safe distance from pointless disputes and controversies. However, it is common for a celebrity parent’s child to become embroiled in controversy. Further, Malcolm Washington has been able to avoid controversy-provoking stories up until this point.

He has good self-control, is intelligent, and has a considerate attitude toward respecting others’ personal space. Above all, he handles all family-related issues because he is connected with his relatives.

Social Platforms of Malcolm

Knowing that a renowned Hollywood celebrity child hardly uses social media is unusual. Nonetheless, Malcolm doesn’t have any active social media accounts on any platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., in contrast to those celebrities.


Are Olivia and Malcolm Washington twins?

Malcolm and Olivia are twins and the youngest children of Denzel and Pauletta. They were born on Apr. 10, 1991, and have led busy and successful lives just like their siblings. Malcolm graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 and played basketball at the school.

How old is Malcolm Washington?

On 10 April 1991, Malcolm was born in Los Angeles, California. Denzel and Paulette Washington, who are both proud of him, welcomed him into the world. Malcolm is 31 years old. 

What team did Malcolm Washington play for?

Malcolm is a person with many talents who have had success in a different field. As a basketball player, he enjoyed a successful career. \Similarly, Malcolm Washington started his first game at Yale in 2009 for the Pennsylvania Quakers.

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