KEKW: The Laughter Emoji We Use!

KEKW simply means a laughing gesture. Moreover, if we talk about the slang on the Twitch account it is a laughter reaction based on the image of a Spanish guy. However, the alternate word is KEK in Korea which means LOL in America. People use the emoji whenever something funny happens. 

I guess you want to know more about the KEKW. So, let’s get into details about how the word originated. What does it mean? How it is trending so much. And more answers to your question. 

KEKW: The Laughter Emoji We Use!

 How the Word KEKW Originated?

The first emoticon of KEK came out on the Twitch account by the gaming players. Moreover, this was one of the most used emoticons on the Twitch account. However, it featured the Spanish laughing guy “Juan Joya Borja” who can be seen in YouTube videos many times. Even though many people don’t understand Spanish but still they use to laugh so much just because of his laughing style. Borja’s laughing style was funnier than his talks.  

Furthermore, the video quality that belongs to YouTube has HD quality. Moreover, fewer people understand Spanish so meme creators started to put subtitles of their own choice to make it understandable. Later, the meme broke out everywhere on the internet and was loved by the audience.

Who Invented The Word?

This question will remain a mystery from where it started or you can say who used it first. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of who used it first but some people say Admiral Bulldog was the one to use it first. Later, fans said it was xQc who used it on the Twitch channel. 

Whether the emoticon came out because of Bulldog or xQc but it gained popularity a huge amount through the audience. 

KEK Is The Same as KEKW

The basic meaning is Laughter. If we talk about the word KEK that is used as an alternative to the actual word. KEK means LOL in the American language. However, this word can be used to express your happy or laughing moment. 

When we use the word KEK the letter W is eliminated that conveying a facial expression. Now we know what the meaning of the word is so we move on to know how the word got so famous in a short period. 

Popularity Due to Twitch Account

Thanks to Admiral Bulldog and xQc because they used the emoticon in the Twitch streaming platform. Moreover, from there the emoticon got popularity and grew rapidly through social media platforms. 

Right now if we talk about the most used emoticon KEKW comes on the 15th number. The emoticon as well as the Spanish guy who by profession is a comedian also got famous.

KEKW: The Laughter Emoji We Use!
KEKW Memes

Pronunciation of the Word

If we pronounce the word it contains three letters “Keh-Kuh-wah.” Whether you say it with three words or two words as “Keh-Kwuh” people will still tell you to spell it differently or will correct you as they think it is right to pronounce.

Matching Words with KEK

Everything that comes out gets a change in style when launched in the market. Moreover, when we see the word ‘LOL’ it has changed to LUL or LULz. Now if we talk about the word KEK for a long the word was used as the same but now we see some differences in the word. Later, people started using the W as a separate word like KEKWhat or KEKWow.

Recently, now we see how the word has changed but the emoticon is the same, and the guy too.  

How To Get The Emoticon

You can have the emoticon on your Twitch channel in easy three steps:

  1. Firstly, download the BTTV extension.
  2. Now add the KEKW emoticon to your channel.
  3. Lastly, to use search for it in your stickers section.

Why The Emoticon Did Get Banned?

In April 2021, the person Juan Joya Borja the person in the emoticon passed away. To pay him to respect the emoticon was deleted from all social accounts. Later, the emoticon was restored and came back everywhere. 

The Spanish Guy Behind The Meme

The very famous meme guy is the Spanish Comedian Juan Joya Borja. Moreover, Borja is also recognized as El Risitas. The guy got famous due to his laughing personality. Sadly he passed away on 28th April 2021. But he will be remembered through the emoticon always. 


What does KEKW mean?

KEKW simply means laughter. Moreover, some people use KEK in Korea, equivalent to LOL in America. However, to represent this a Spanish guy image was used on Twitch.

What is KEKW and LULW?

LULW is the alternate word for KEKW. Moreover, LULU can also be called a feature in the Twitch channel to zoom in on emoticons. 

Why is emote called KEKW?

A player uses a KEKW when a funny situation occurs. Moreover, when they want to express the emotion of laughing hard at anything the emoticon can be used.

What PogChamp means?

PogChamp is an emoticon used to express joy, excitement, and shock. Moreover, the image of Ryan Gutierrez is used on the Twitch account.

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