Janet Condra: Ex-wife of Larry Bird

Janet Condra is the ex-wife of 66 years old American celebrity Larry Bird. Condra’s husband, Larry, was a basketball player, coach, and executive in the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, the couple was married for a short period. Yet, it made Janet a prominent figure in the industry for the rest of her life. 

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Janet Condra’s Quick Facts 

Full NameJanet Condra
Date of BirthJuly 1956
Age66 years old
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity 
Famous forThe ex-wife of Larry Bird
Marital statusMarried 
Husband NameMike Deakins
Children2 daughters (Corrie Bird and Mandy Deakins)

Janet Condra’s Background 

At the moment, Janet’s exact date of birth is not known. Nevertheless, she was born in July 1956. The celebrity Janet Condra is 66 years old. Moreover, her exact place of birth is missing in America. Though, Condra is an American citizen. Further, she belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity. 

However, Janet didn’t reveal her parent’s information. As there is no other sign of siblings, it seems like she is the only child of her parents. Nonetheless, it is not confirmed by any official source. There are some details regarding Janet’s education. It is found out that Janet completed her high school at Spring Valley High school, French Lick Hurt, Indiana. Similarly, it could be possible that she belongs to Indiana.  

Sue married Larry Bird, and a lot of her popularity got overshadowed. Overall, Condra had great skills in cheerleading activity. Rest, there is not much information regarding her bachelor’s or any further accomplishments. 

Condra’s Marital Status

Janet Condra got famous because of marrying Larry Bird. She was a Basketball player’s first wife. The duo was close since high school as they studied together at Spring Valley High School, Indiana. 

Later, Janet and Larry exchanged vows on 8 November 1975. After a decade, both of them got blessed with a daughter in 1976. 

Sadly, the duo got separated in the same year on 31 October 1976 due to personal reasons. The divorce get finalized 8 days before their first anniversary. 

Janet Condra: Ex-wife of Larry Bird
Janet Condra and Larry Bird

Daughter of Janet and Larry

Corrie Bird, the daughter of Janet and Larry, was under her mother’s custody. She raised her as a single mother. Moreover, on 30 December 1989 Condra’s ex-husband Larry got married after 13 years of separation. The famous player got married to Mattingly. After several years, the couple adopted two kids. They named them Connor Bird and Mariah Bird. 

However, after marrying Mattingly Jante’s daughter Corrie did not set her aside. She wanted to stay connected to his father. Though, it was getting obvious that Larry does not want to contact or meet his daughter from Condra. Yet, Corrie Bird tried hard to build a relationship but she failed. 

Now, Corrie is a 45 years old Celebrity daughter. She is a happily married woman. Janet let her daughter marry a security specialist Trent Theopolis Batson in Indiana. They got married on 17 May 2008. Currently, Janet Condra is the stepmother of two grandchildren from her daughter Corrie. Whereas, her son-in-law has two children from a previous marriage.  

The net worth of Janet

As mentioned, Janet Condra gained the spotlight because of her ex-husband. But, there isn’t any sufficient information regarding her net worth. 

Besides that, her ex-husband Larry Bird earned pretty good money from his career. According to sources, Larry Bird’s net worth is approximately $75 million in 2022. 

Physical Appearance of Condra

Janet Condra has dark brown eyes and blond hair. By nature, she seems humble and sweet. Being a single mother, Janet proved to be a powerful and strong individual. 

Social Media of Janet

As guessed, Janet is not very active socially. She does not appear on any social platforms. There is not any official account of her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


After getting a divorce from Larry Bird, Janet Condra is out of sight. Because of that, nobody knows where she lives, or what is her profession and source of earnings. 

Along with that, there is little information regarding her relationship. It got sourced out that Janet married Mike Deakins. Further, they both have one daughter together named Mandy Deakins. Therefore, not much is known about Condra’s husband but her daughter Mandy is a singer. She performed at various events. It included Mandy’s other sister’s wedding too. 


What is Janet Condra’s popularity?

Janet is the Ex-wife of famous basketball player Larry Bird. 

Do Janet and Larry have Children together?

Yes, they have a daughter named Corrie Bird. 

What is Condra’s age?

She was born in July 1956. Currently, Janet is 66 years old. 

What is marital status of Janet?

Through resources, it was known that Janet got married to Mike Deakins. They both own a beautiful daughter named Mandy Deakins. 

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