Is GigaChad real or not?

GigaChad is known as a celebrity fitness trainer, model, bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and internet personality from Russia. Being a fitness model, Giga mostly shoots brands for menswear. However, he came into the limelight when fans started to create memes from his pictures. 

Meanwhile, in no time, Chad’s meme pictures were going viral on the internet. Moreover, his picture was uploaded to 4chan in October 2017. Therefore, that is the reason he was named “GigaChad.” Even after going viral, people all over social media raised questions. Giga was questioned about his authenticity. Further, some followers asked if Giga had died in an accident. All these questions went viral. 


To get the answers and learn more about Giga, keep reading the article below. 

GigaChad’s Quick Facts

Nickname: GigaChad
Birthdate: 1st March 1969
Name: Ernest Khalimov
Age (as of 2022): 52 years
Birthplace: Russia
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Zodiac sign/ Star sign: Pisces
Height (approximately):6 feet and 8 inches
Weight (approx.):99 kg 
Body measurements: 35 – 28 – 36 inches
Eye color: light brown mostly
Hair color: black
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christianity
Net Worth: $1 million (approx.)

Biography of GigaChad

Giga was born to his parents on March 1, 1969, in Moscow, Russia. Furthermore, GigaChad’s birth name is “Ernest Khalimov.” As of 2022, he will be 52 years old. Ernest did his schooling at a private school in his hometown of Moscow. Yet, there is no authorized information regarding his education. 

Nevertheless, Khalimov belongs to a mixed ethnicity. However, there is no such information regarding his family. Perhaps because he is not very open about his personal life to the public. Therefore, nobody knows if he is in a relationship or single. But rumors say that Ernest might be dating Krista Sudmalis. Because both of them were seen on each other’s Instagram posts. Still, there is no official stance from either of them. 

According to the resources, it is possible that Chand focused on fitness training after completing his basic education. 

Establishment of the Career  of Ernest Khalimov

Khalimov begins to establish his career by modeling for different brands. Though his reason for getting the spotlight was the trolling of his photos, Every social media account posted memes of his picture with two other identical humans. When it went viral, people questioned if he was even real or just a digital creation on the internet. Nonetheless, GigaChad is a human being for sure. 

Regardless of all the memes and trolling, Ernest moved forward. He acted as if he was unaffected by anything on the internet. Most importantly, he is the top model so far in the world. Besides all this, Khalimov has 541k followers on his Instagram account, berlin.1969. 

Last year, Ernest Khalimov launched a collection named GigaChad NFT with Krista Sudmalis. Furthermore, it was created specifically for Rare and Opensea. The total number of products was 146. Surprisingly, the collection was completely sold out. According to last year’s October 2021 records, the floor price is 0.8 ETH. Also, 34.6 ETH is the total volume traded on the GigaChad NFT. 

Ernest’s body measurements

Many of us want to know GigaChad’s body measurements because of his fitness. According to the report, his height is 6 feet and 9 inches, making him look this tall and huge. However, he weighs 95 kilograms. Khalimov’s physical measurements are 34-27-35. Also, he has black hair and brown eyes. And Ernest’s shoe size is 13 US. 

Ernest Khalimov’s net worth

Approximately, the estimated net worth of GigaChad is $1.5 million. As discussed above, his earnings are through modeling and a few from sponsorships. Ernest has done modeling for many brands. Moreover, his Instagram account helps him do promotions for brands. According to the estimated rate, Ernest Khalimov earns $1600 to $2700 from promotions on his social media account. 

Rumors about GigaChad Being Real or Dead

On October 24, 2017, a photo of Ernest with two identical children went viral. People are all over the internet, curious to know if he is real or not. Some said he was cloning himself. However, others mentioned him as a “digital creation.” 

Is GigaChad real or not?
GigaChad with two identical persons

To clarify, Ernest Khalimov is a real person. He is a famous fitness model and trainer. Also, Khalimov assured it by posting a picture of himself on April 24, 2021. 

Similarly, rumors were spread after the GigaChad car accident. On social media, people began to refer to him as deceased. dead. But this is not true. He is alive and has been focusing on his modeling and fitness career. 


What is the real name of Gigachad?

The real birth name of GigaChad is Ernest Khalimov. 

Is the Gigachad physique possible?

According to internet sources, people mention his body as “photoshopped.” Yet, it is not true because he has modeled for many brands. 

Is Ernest Khalimov Russian?

Yes, he is a Russian fitness model and bodybuilder. He is famous for his body. However, he went viral in 2017 through memes. 

Is Ernest Khalimov a natural?

So far, he seems real, but few say that he is a digital creation of another human. Alternatively, he is somebody’s inspiration. His Instagram account shows that he is a real human being. 

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