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How Has Hamsa Hand Formed Unity In Different Religions? Origin, Symbol, Cultures



How Has Hamsa Hand Formed Unity In Different Religions? Origin, Symbol, Cultures

One of the best-known talismans in the world is the Hamsa Hand. If you have noticed the Hamsa on items of clothing, tapestries, or jewelry, you might be curious as to what it signifies. How do religion and spirituality use it? Can I put it on my hand? 

Thus, the symbolism of the Khamsa hand has a long and important history that crosses many eras and countries. It is trending in many important religions. Often, it is regarded as a symbol of safety and luck.

Unusually, these shaped symbols are undoubtedly familiar to you from Judaica shops or pendants worn by Jewish women.  Furthermore, the Hamsa is just as common in Israel as the Star of David, appearing on everything from keychains to wall displays to necklaces.

What Is Hamsa Hand About?

An ancient Middle Eastern amulet known as the Hamsa represents the Hand of God. Therefore, it is a sign of protection in all religions. It bestows on its owner joy, riches, health, and good fortune.

Further, there are numerous names for the Hamseh Hand. It includes 

  • Hamsa
  • Hamsa Hand 
  • Hamesh
  • Hamesh hand 
  • Khamsa
  • Chamsa
  • Hand of Miriam (after the sister of Moses and Aaron)

Furthermore, there are two primary types of Chamsa: 

  • The most well-known has two symmetrical thumbs and is stylized.
  • While other Hamsas lack symmetry and are fashioned like real hands.

Both types can be worn with the fingers pointed upward or downward. These can bring their wearer happiness, tranquility, and prosperity. As well, this can shield them from the ayin ha’ra, or evil eye. 

A lot of artists are employing the image of the hamsa hand in many elements of their art, including hamsa jewelry, paintings, sculptures, wall hamsas, and amulets. All thanks to the resurgence of interest in Kabbalah and mystical Judaism.

How Did Hamesh Hand Originate? 

Initially, archaeological finds in the Middle East show that the symbol predates Islam and Judaism and started with the Phoenicians. It works as a protective sign for an ancient Middle Eastern deity and has been a part of both religions for ages. In addition, the Chamsa has long been connected to a feminine spirit that offers protection from bad luck and evil.

What Is The Symbology Behind The Hand of Khamsa?

“Hamsa” or “Hamesh” means five. Although the hamsa hand has five digits, the number five has significant symbolic significance in Jewish and Islamic cultures. 

  • The number five (hamesh in Hebrew) is a symbol of the Torah for Jews. 
  • The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Heh,” stands for one of God’s holy names. 
  • Similarly, for Shi’ites and Sunnis, it stands for the Five People of the Cloak and the Five Pillars of Islam, respectively.

Yet, the Chamsa hand represents the Hand of God in Jewish spirituality. Many Jews think the hamsa pendant represents the Hand of Miriam, Moses and Aaron’s sister. The hamsa hand in Islam represents the Hand of Fatima, a daughter of the Prophet Mohammed.

Symbol Of Peace In the Middle East

In recent years, the hamsa hand has become popular among Middle East peace campaigners. This is because the Khamsa hand symbology predates most modern religions.

Some Jews and Muslims wear the hamsa as a sign of optimism, peace, and prosperity in Israel and other Middle Eastern nations. The Hamseh sign comes from an old Middle Eastern religion.

Is Hamsa Considered The Universal Sign Of Protection? 

Even the Hamsa hand is associated with fertility and good fortune in several religions and civilizations. Its main spiritual significance is a defense against the evil eye. Although it began as a symbol, the evil eye is now usually used to refer to ill energy. That is to transmit by anyone who has malice or nasty looks. 

The Hamsa hand became renowned around the world for bringing together the good, banishing the bad, fostering positive energy, and resisting negative energies.

Moreover, the eye symbol found on some Hamseh hands is not the evil eye but rather a watchful eye that protects the wearer from the evil eye’s destructive power. 

Depending on how you wear the amulet, it can both bring good fortune and ward off evil. The owner is inviting in luck and wealth if their hand is downward and facing the universe’s goodwill. The evil eye is repelled, and a hand raised, usually with an eye, avoids bad luck. 

The numerous civilizations and religions that use the Chamsa hand all have different interpretations of what it means. The Khamsa hand always depicts as a tool of protection from evil, and its universal symbol is that of unity and protection.

How Has Hamsa Hand Formed Unity In Different Religions? Origin, Symbol, Cultures
Hamsa Hand

What Is The Meaning Of Hamsa Across Other Cultures? 

Nearly all major religions and societies have employed the Hamsa. But they each attribute a slightly different significance to it. 


The Hamseh has varied meanings according to the two branches of Islam. Also, the hand is a representation of the Five People of the Cloak, a group of prominent Muslims that includes the Prophet Mohammed, among Shi’ite Muslims. According to Sunni Muslims, the fingers of the Hamsa represent the five pillars of Islam.

Muslims who follow both Shi’ite and Sunni traditions refer to the Hamsa as “the hand of Fatima.” However, Mohammed’s daughter Fatima was a member of the cloak. In Muslim tradition, she is frequently prayed to for luck and protection.


The history of the Hamsa in Christianity is complex. Some Christians are okay with using the talisman because they believe it represents “Mother Mary’s hand” and her high status. Even you can call upon her defense by holding up Hamsa’s hand. 

Still, so many other religions have adopted it to symbolize their ideals. Some Christians are against wearing the Khamsa hand. The cross is their main defensive symbol instead.

Hinduism and Buddhism

One of the five fingers on the Hamsa hand represents each of the five chakras. Which work with the five senses to balance the mind and body. These chakras include;

  1. Heart chakra
  2. Solar plexus chakra
  3. Root chakra
  4. Throat chakra
  5. Sacral chakra


The Hamsa hand is a symbol of good luck and a reminder to pray in Jewish tradition. In Judaism, the number five is significant and regards as the number of protection.

The five fingers of the Hamseh serve as a reminder to praise God with all five senses. As well as the representation of the five sacred books of the Torah.

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Deuteronomy
  5. Numbers

Similar to how Buddhists and Hindus wear talismans; the Hamsa is typically worn as jewelry. 

What Type Of Jewelry Includes the Hand Of Hamsa?

The Hamsa comes in a variety of colors and materials, including wood, painted glass beads, and metals. 

The Hamsa hands mostly shown in as talismans on necklaces. Of course, this necklace is more than simply a fashion accessory. The hand protects and provides luck to the wearer whether it is with its palm facing up or down. For the owner and everyone around them to see the amulet, it is also uses as a necklace. 

Typically, bracelets with the Chamsa are a special way to honor the heritage and spirituality of the icon.  The Hamsa hand might be a charm on a bracelet, or it can be a component of the chain itself. 

Whereas, Hamsa rings and earrings are relatively frequent. Khamsa rings may be the most obvious way to wear the symbol. Both to the wearer and to anybody they shake hands with. 

What Is The Importance Of Hamsa Today?

A new market for kabbalah accessories, including hamsas, has emerged because of the recent resurgence in interest in the subject. Which can be attributed in part to the efforts of celebrities like Madonna, Brittany Spears, and Demi Moore.

Today, Chamsas are still available in Judaica stores all over the world. It includes ones run by Sears and Saks Fifth Avenue. Nonetheless, they are frequently hanging from the ceilings of homes, taxis, and trucks. Even have them hanging from the rearview mirrors.  They are on mezuzahs, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, key chains, and candlesticks. In addition to appearing on necklaces and wall hangings.

Yet this jewel form is in use by modern Jewish artists, and some, like Mark Podwal, are finding a big audience for their work.

Even now, some Sephardic rites still involve hamsas. Brides may choose to wear a hamsa around their neck during the henna ceremony, to ward off the Evil Eye.

Although the Hamseh hand is currently associated with Kabbalah, Israel, and Judaism. Still, the symbol’s enigmatic origins and superstitions around it may be what draws attention from both famous people and regular people.


Nearly every century and culture has used the Hamsa hand to ward against evil and bring good fortune to those who wear it. Wear it as jewelry to convey your spirituality and to draw optimism and positivity if the token’s spirituality speaks to you. The hand can give you a sense of security and spiritual connection. And it is thought to bring luck and happiness.

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Was There A Need To Have Largest Cruise Ship That Is Ready to Sail In 2024?



Was There A Need To Have Largest Cruise Ship That Is Ready to Sail In 2024?

The largest cruise ship in the world has completed a test run and is prepared to set sail in the Caribbean early next year. In January 2024, the ship, Icon of the Seas, will be an addition to the fleet of Royal Caribbean International. Moreover, this enormous ship is ready to redefine luxury travel because to its amazing proportions and a bevy of exceptional amenities.

The Icon of the Seas surpasses Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas. Which is now its largest ship, by an astonishing 6% in size. And an additional 10 feet in length.

Still, this architectural marvel was carefully built at the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. Where it was put through its paces. 

The building of the ship got under way in April 2022. Currently, it is excitedly trending its first trip, which is slated to leave Miami on January 27, 2024. The Icon of the Seas will operate seven-night Caribbean cruises out of Miami until at least April 2025.

Further, the Icon of the Seas aims to provide its guests with an amazing journey by revealing a variety of unmatched characteristics. It includes

  • A compelling water park
  • Family-focused spaces
  • Updated pool decks
  • An aqua dome area
  • An aqua theatre area
  • Spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking 220-degree views are some of these.
  • A swim-up bar
  • An infinity pool
  • A large park with thousands of actual plants.

Traits Of The Largest Cruise Ship Ready To Sail In 2024

With a length of 1,200 feet (365 metres) and a mass of 250,800 tonnes, the Icon of the Seas is a sizable ship. When it sets sail in January 2024, it will have a capacity of over 7,960 people, which translates to 5,610 passengers or 2,350 crewmembers.

Yet, there may be other passengers on board as well. The ship has six water slides, known as Category 6, which set a record. Also, it features nine whirlpools in addition to seven pools.

The “ultimate family vacation” is what Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas. Which has more than 40 restaurants, 7 pools, an indoor aqua theatre, and the largest waterpark at sea, is selling as being.

According to the proverb, “Go big or go home.”

Undoubtedly, that has been the guiding principle for Miami-based Royal Caribbean, whose biggest ship, Icon of the Seas, will start sailing in 2024. By that time, Icon will be able to carry 7,600 passengers at full capacity on its maiden voyage on January 28, 2024.

Jason Liberty, president and chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean Group, said in a statement,

“with each new ship, we raise the bar in the travel industry while enhancing what our guests know and love.”

Every encounter they have plans to provide them the finest holiday possible, on land or at sea, from the moment they step on board. Even we have elevated this with Icon of the Seas and created the ideal family getaway.

Royal Caribbean claims that Icon of the Seas is 10% longer and 6% larger than the Wonder of the Seas, the company’s largest cruise ship now.

The ship set off on the trial voyage from the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. Since the beginning of the building in April 2022, the ship has remained there. The initial journey will leave Miami on January 27, 2024. Through at least April 2025, the ship will be based there and provide 7-night Caribbean cruises.

Was There A Need To Have Largest Cruise Ship That Is Ready to Sail In 2024?
Largest Cruise Ship

Utopia Of The Seas Cruising Amenities

When finished, the largest cruise ship will weigh 236,860 gross tons and hold 5,668 people when double occupancy is used.

The 28th ship in the fleet will make its maiden voyage on July 22, 2024, on a 4-night trip to Nassau and the cruise line’s private island, Perfect Day at Coco Cay.

Utopia of the Seas, which departs from Port Canaveral, is a luxurious ship with a tons of amenities, including

  • Eight distinct neighborhoods
  • Eight public decks
  • Twenty-one dining options
  • Five pools
  • Twenty-Three bars
  • Two casinos
  • The Ultimate Abyss slide
  • A zip line
  • Flow Rider surf simulator are a few attractions.
  • In addition, a food truck by the pool and a new bar called Pesky Parrot will open.

Besides, Utopia of the Seas provides 20 new room types in comparison to other Royal Caribbean cruise ships, including the Royal Loft Suite, and has two new Solarium Suites, giving an adult-only space with its own pool and whirlpools.

Is The Largest Cruise Ship Really an Icon?

With Utopia of the Seas and Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is breaking the mold once more. Although the Oasis-class ships have been around for a while, Royal Caribbean’s Utopia of the Seas has brought newness and excitement to the class.

The cruise line has gone all-out with Icon of the Seas to produce something that many people did not think was feasible on a cruise ship. It promises to be everything a family holiday at sea should be, and that is exactly what Royal Caribbean aimed for.

These two ships will surely make ripples in the cruise industry when they are introduced, pushing the frontiers of design and guest experiences. With these two ships, Royal is making a very serious move towards being a business that is more focused on sustainability. Something that the Miami-based Corporation really needed.

Also, the decision between the two largest cruise ship boils down to personal preference. Whether you are looking for a quick yet opulent weekend trip with Utopia’s 3 to 4-night itineraries or a weeklong, family-focused adventure with Icon’s 7-night excursions.

Nevertheless, whichever ship you choose, both guarantee an incredible trip filled with cutting-edge entertainment, delectable cuisine, and relaxation. When they take sail in 2024, these cutting-edge ships will usher in a new era of sailing.

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Do Structural Flaws Of Carbon Hull Lead To Submarine Titan Implosion?



Do Structural Flaws Of Carbon Hull Lead To Submarine Titan Implosion?

A Submarine Titan, run by the American travel agency OceanGate, imploded on June 18, 2023. It descended in the North Atlantic Ocean, roughly 400 nautical miles (740 km) off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Five individuals were aboard the submersible, which was part of a tourist mission to the Titanic wreck. After 1 hour and 45 minutes into Titan’s dive to the wreck site, communication was lost. When it did not surface later that day at the usual time, authorities came to notice and it became a trending topic worldwide.

Yet, the broken remains of the Titanic are submerged about 12,500 feet (3,800 meters) below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean. Off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada lies the famed ocean liner’s wreckage. During its maiden journey from Southampton to New York City, the ship reportedly collided with an iceberg.

The US Navy finally found the Titanic’s remains in 1985. After lying in a single grave undiscovered for more than 70 years.

Thus, the wreckage is located at a depth of over 2.4 miles below sea level. Which is much greater than the world’s deepest scuba dive by more than 11 times.

As it rests at a startling 12,500 feet below sea level, the Titanic offers a perspective that emphasizes the enormous grandeur of its undersea location. To put it into perspective, even the towering Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, would fall short by about 9,700 feet. The deepest scuba dive ever recorded in 2022 only reached 1,090 feet.

How did People on board the submarine Titan died in an explosion?

The structural enclosure that houses the crew compartment and other essential equipment is a pressure hull in submersibles. In addition, it is built to withstand the intense pressure that the deep sea surrounding it exerts.

Due to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and superior corrosion resistance. Frequently carbon fiber is utilized to build pressure hulls for submersibles.

Design Flaws That Can Be A Cause Of Submarine Implosion

However, for the following reasons, the deaths of those on board can be due to design flaws.

Extreme external pressure in Submarine

Specifically when the pressure pressing on the hull exceeds its design limits, may cause a carbon fiber submersible hull to implode.

The external pressure exerted by the surrounding water can become too strong for the carbon fiber to bear. If a submersible dive to depths deeper than the hull’s maximum rated pressure, in the instance of the Oceangate’s sub it reached as deep as 12,500 feet.

Structural Flaws In Hull

Moreover, implosions can also happen if the carbon fiber hull has structural flaws, problems, or damage. The material’s strength can diminish and make it more prone to failure under pressure by fatigue, impact, or deterioration over time.

Remember that the same Oceangate sub embarked on a similar journey a year prior. But on June 18, 2023, the same 5 persons aboard met a tragic fate when the submersible imploded, instantly killing them all.

Do Structural Flaws Of Carbon Hull Lead To Submarine Titan Implosion?
Ocean Gate Titan

How Durable Was Submarine Titan To Carry Such Operation?

A pilot, three paying passengers, and a corporation referred to as a “content expert” is typically aboard the submersible.

Nonetheless, the journey departs from St. John’s, Newfoundland. According to reports, each complete dive to the wreck, including the descent and ascent, takes about eight hours.

Only the Titan’s ability to dive deep enough to reach the Titanic debris lists among OceanGate’s three submersibles on its website.

According to the website, the ship weighs 23,000 lbs (10,432 kg) and could travel up to 13,100 ft below the surface. Besides, it had 96 hours of crew life support.

The complete pressure vessel was made out of two titanium hemispheres, and two interface rings made of the same material. And a cylinder with an internal diameter of 142 cm (56 in) and a length of 2.4 meters (7.9 ft). A window with a diameter of 380 mm (15 in) was installed in one of the titanium hemispherical end caps.

In 2020, Rush claimed that the submarine titan hull’s original depth rating of 4,000 meters below sea level had been reduced to 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) due to cyclic fatigue. The hull got updated or rebuilt in 2020 and 2021.

Rush said to the head editor of Travel Weekly that

“Boeing provided the carbon fiber at a reduced price. Because it was no longer suitable for use in the company’s aircraft. Boeing said they do not keep any records.”


Incidents Before June Submersible 2023

Five people died because of this incident:

  • American submersible pilot, engineer, and businessman Stockton Rush. He co-founded OceanGate and served as its CEO.
  • Paul-Henri Nargeolet is the director of underwater research for E/M Group and RMS Titanic, Inc., which holds the salvage rights to the debris site. Even he is a former commander in the French Navy, diver, submersible pilot, and member of the French Institute for Research and Exploitation of the Sea.
  • British businessman, pilot, and space traveler Hamish Harding. Before then, he had traveled into space on Blue Origin NS-21 in 2022, broken the Guinness World Record for the quickest circumnavigation of the Earth, and entered the Mariana Trench.
  • The Dawood Hercules Corporation’s businessman and philanthropist Shahzada Dawood is a Pakistani-British citizen and the grandson of Pakistani billionaire Ahmed Dawood.
  • Suleman Dawood is a student at the University of Strathclyde and the son of Shahzada Dawood.
Do Structural Flaws Of Carbon Hull Lead To Submarine Titan Implosion?
Titan Ready for Operation

Reporter David Pogue was on the surface ship in 2022 when Titan went missing and was unable to find the Titanic while diving. After Titan lost communication with its support ship in June 2023, Pogue’s December 2022 article for CBS News Sunday Morning. In which it questioned Titan’s safety. This went viral on social media.

According to the story, Pogue told Rush that

“this submersible seems to have some elements of MacGyvery jerry-rigged-ness.” He mentioned that the submarine titan was pitched and guided by a $30 wireless Logitech F710 game controller with customized control sticks, and construction pipes provided that ballast.


BBC Documentary Take Me to Titanic

In a subsequent dive to the Titanic in 2022, one of Titan’s thrusters inadvertently placed backward. Causing the submersible to begin spinning in circles as it attempted to go forward close to the ocean floor.

The problem got solved by steering while holding the game controller in a sideways position, as shown in the BBC documentary Take Me to Titanic.

Later, OceanGate claimed in court documents filed in November 2022 that during a 2022 dive, the submersible experienced battery problems and had to be manually attached to a lifting platform, resulting in damage to external components.


As soon as Submarine Titan vanished, Parks Stephenson, the director of the USS Kidd Veterans Museum and an expert on the Titanic, made the following statement:

“No matter what you may read in the coming hours, all that is truly known at this time is that communications with the submersible have been lost and that is unusual enough to warrant the most serious consideration.”

Parks Stephenson

Stephenson has prior expertise with deep-sea explorations like Titan’s, having previously dove five times to visit the Titanic.

James Cameron, the director of the 1997 movie Titanic, who has been to the Titanic debris site 33 times, said

he was “struck by the similarity” between the submersible’s implosion and the circumstances leading to the Titanic tragedy.

James Cameron

Hence, Cameron criticized the carbon-fiber composite material used to build the pressure vessel. Because it has “no strength in compression” when subjected to high pressures at depth. Furthermore, he also criticized Rush’s real-time hull monitoring as a subpar approach that would not do anything to stop an implosion.

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Trending Summer Nails Idea in 2023: From Pastel to Nude Colors.



Trending Summer Nails Idea in 2023: From Pastel to Nude Colors.

What is the hype about summer nails on social media? From nude to vibrant colors girls like to keep it classy. Summer nail ideas in 2023 are elegant, dominating, and vibrant. There are tons of ideas you can opt for. So, here are some brilliant nail ideas for you this summer.

Moreover, nowadays ladies love to go for rainbow colors or French nails. This is because they are classy and they can match any occasion and every dress.  

Furthermore, in this article, we go through the trending summer nails idea in 2023, the cost of the nails, and how to take care of your nails and hygiene while keeping them classy.

What Types of Summer Nails and Trending Nowadays?

Regarding summer nail preferences, it depends and varies from person to person. Furthermore, we come up with some ideas that you may like. Here are some ideas for you to choose for summer nail appointments.

French Nails are always in style whether it’s summer or winter. Moreover, they have a different kind of attractiveness. Furthermore, you can opt for them with a touch of floral design or some other design.

Glossy Nails are perfect for any occasion. Natural, glossy, and shiny that is how it can be defined.

Fruity Watermelon Nails a very cool and appealing design nowadays. A mix of green and glossy pink colors makes everything good. You can nail this design with a bikini on the beach and a glass of margarita.

Tie and Die Nails is a retro style nail or you may say old school kinda nail design. But nowadays they are in trend due to the mixture of bold and light colors.

Floral Nails are super cute and give you a fresh look. Also, you can choose any color and make your design as per your choice.

Taylor Swift Inspired Nails is not just one color. However, it consists of different colors from light to dark and glittery. One nail color is different from the other.

Barbie Inspired Nails are bright pink nails with a French tip design. It’s a French design with dark pink color.

Trending Summer Nails Idea in 2023: From Pastel to Nude Colors.

Lemon Nails as they sound amazing looks even more amazing on your hands. A bright yellow color and lemon design are a perfect inspiration for a glass of lemonade.

Blushing Pink Nails exactly looks like natural nails. Nobody can guess if it is nail color or real nails. Moreover, the gives you a blushing color like a little shiny.

Starry Night Nails is the most elegant example of being dominant. A mixture of black, grey, and charcoal glossiness. The design gives you a fearless look and makes you shine in a crowd.

Milky White Nails is a very simple and classic design that can be carried to the office every day. Moreover, they boost your confidence. Also, they will go with any outfit.

Trending Summer Nails Idea in 2023: From Pastel to Nude Colors.

Price of Summer Nails Design in 2023.

Prices vary from design as well as type of nail paint. If it’s acrylic it may cause $20 to $40. However, if it’s a refill then it will cost $30.

Moreover, a gel manicure can cost you $35 to $80 or more than that.

If we classify them based on standards then:

Small business shop costs a nail session around $35 to $40.

Middle business shop costs a nail session around $45 to $55.

Higher and famous business shop costs a nail session around $60 to $80.

How to Keep Your Nails Clean and Classy in this Hot Summer?

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind to keep your nails healthy from the sun’s rays.

Keep your nails moisturized whenever you leave for work or go outside. Moreover, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Applying moisturizer keeps your nails nourished.

Wear gloves while driving or while doing housework. It will prevent your hands from chemicals and itchiness.

Apply Nail Paint with breaks so they don’t damage and get dirty. Moreover, they also require fresh air from time to time.

A manicure is the best and simple way to keep your nails neat, healthy, and fresh. You just need to book an appointment and avail your services.

Trending Summer Nails Idea in 2023: From Pastel to Nude Colors.


I hope this article helped you to decide which summer nails idea you are gonna go with. From French tips in different colors to pastel and bright colors. It depends on what type of nail design suits you. So choose whatever you like and nail it like a queen. Also, we look at the prices for different nail sessions that vary from $30 to $80. Last but not least we talked about the cleanliness of your nails. We conclude that manicures and moisturizing your hands regularly can make a huge difference in your appearance and boost your confidence when you look pretty.

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