How does OKSMS Work? Features and Alternatives

OKSMS is a modern internet tool that authorizes businesses to confirm phone numbers they receive from customers. However, we will see in the article the purpose of this app.

This article tells the features, alternatives, pros, and cons of the SMS app. From this app, you can check a phone number online and through the web browser. Besides, this is an easy task of making a call and checking. It works best for small and medium-scale businesses. 

Firstly, the app developed in South Korea. It originates from the Middle East. The purpose of this app is to check whether the phone call is true or false. 

Features of OKSMS

An SMS app secures a way to check the number’s accuracy and expertise. For example, if there is an incoming phone call it will transfer to a caller once verified. Therefore, this process can add customers to the directory with authenticity. 

Now, this directory helps the company to send calls, faxes, emails, and other types of agreements that will bring a chance of profitable marketing strategies.  The market makes it easy for companies to promote themselves. 

How does OKSMS Work? Features and Alternatives

Why Do We Use OKSMS?

  • We use OKSMS so we can check the authentication of customer phone calls. This can prevent you from scammers. 
  • You can send a text message to multiple phone numbers without revealing your identity.
  • No software is required for the process
  • Allows checking whether a phone number is private or non-private.
  • Another reason is that it tells you how much a number costs and how long it will take.
  • It’s not expensive, it’s in the affordable range
  • Successful marketing strategies to boost your sales

Alternatives of OKSMS

A secure and user-friendly website. It will reduce the risk of costly mistakes. Through this, you can rapidly check the validation of a phone number.

Well known for its mobile interface. Its registration is free. It has a more user-friendly design.

This particular website is simple, easy, and quick to access. Any type of number verifies, whether personal or business-related. You just need an email address and phone number for the use of services. 

How to Get an Account 

Moreover, to verify numbers online, use OKSMS. Next, create an account, list your contact numbers and start the authentication method. Similarly, upload your result on the site so people can assure that your contact information is correct. 

Private Number in App

You can use an unknown number for verification. Besides, the advantage of this feature comes from not revealing your identity to the client. In addition, it can verify future residents, a friend, or any working employees. 

Utilization of the SMS

The fame of the OKSMS app is on top right now. It is getting popular in the business market. It makes sure that all your calls are routed to the authentic parties by simply checking the phone number of your clients. 

Another reason for the hype is a secure network. Another reason seems not private information sharing. All your data remains in safe hands.

This app is for every type of business, small-scale or large-scale. Surely, in small-scale businesses, you can track the ID number of the receiving calls. Likewise, for a large-scale organization they can use for;

  • Chase client contact information
  • Authentication and verification of the person
  • Membership details
  • Routing details

How to Send a Code?

For this, you cannot just add your number on the website and submit it. For your information, without authentication and verification, it can cause fraud. What if it is necessary to verify before sending payment?

Here, the problem to the solution is “One click SMS verification” commonly called OKSMS. For this, you need to create an account at You will see on the top right corner “Verify this number”, click on it and get a verified number.  

A code is then sent to you by the company, after submitting the form or making any payment. Later, fill in the code you received in the text message and click the send button. 

Well, two methods work for the use of a website. You can utilize it by checking twice the payment online or in person. 

How does OKSMS Work? Features and Alternatives
How to Send a Code?

Function of App

After creating the account and updating your number. In addition, you need to verify the company’s verification code. OKSMS app will verify your number if it’s valid with your business. This helps to create a protective boundary from scammers and identity theft. 

Why is this Essential?

  • This is an important part of people doing business. 
  •  They can easily check if the incoming call is fraud or a real potential client.
  •  It gives you clarity of the client’s identity. 
  • Quick and easy to verify the number
  • You can make a directory of confirmed customers and keep it safe for future
  • The website offers you to create your user interface and verification process
  • No personal identity is revealed

The Disadvantage of Using an Anonymous Number

  • A high chance of getting scammed
  • Not sure about the other person’s identity when you need to verify the number
  • If it’s a fraud, your identity will be compromised.


Is SMS Receive Free Safe?

Developers who create apps know that your contact information is personal so they keep your data secure and hidden when you verify an account. All data related to the message deletes after 24 hours. 

How can I get a US number for free?

Google voice is a free service from where you get a US phone number for domestic calls. You just need to log in to your Google account. 

How can I get a fake number verification?

An app called “DoNotPay” can generate a fake phone number for verification.

What is a VoIP number?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) assigns you a number when you sign up for VoIP. It’s like a common landline dial pad used to make a call. What is a burner phone? Discard an expensive but temporary phone after use. Burners can be purchased with prepaid minutes and without a contract. 

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