Gloria Darlene Fox: A Proud mother of Megan Fox

Gloria Darlene Fox, mother of the famous model and Hollywood actress Megan fox. However, she was a real estate manager by profession. Fox starred in several sitcoms, movies, and TV shows with her daughter. In addition, she did a prominent role in the movie Transformer that was a sci-fi blockbuster. 

Nonetheless, the road journey of a celebrity mother was not easy at all. It started when Gloria married her ex-husband. Though, she was a teenager at the time of the wedding. Moreover, she had two kids with him. But, they got separated. Gloria fox worked alone and raised her kids as a single mother. 

Regardless, her kids are on their own now. Even Gloria Darlene Fox is recognized as Megan’s mother, which is a proud moment for her. 

Read further in detail about Darlene fox’s marriages, children, and worth. 

Gloria Darlene’s Quick Facts

Full NameGloria Darlene Cisson
Full NameGloria Darlene Fox/Gloria Darlene Cisson
Date of BirthJuly 14, 1952
Age70 years
Professionretired Real Estate Manager
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Height5feet 4 inches
Weight65 kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTony Tonachio
No Of Children2
Married Date1996

Early life of Gloria Darlene Fox

The popular mom is also known as Gloria Darlene Cisson. She was born on 14 July 1952 in Tennessee, USA. Gloria Cisson will turn 70 years old in 2022. 

However, she embraces an American nationality. The religion she follows is Christianity. Irrespective of that, Gloria Darlene Fox belongs to a mixture of ethnicity. She is of English-Irish origin. 

Furthermore, Megan Fox’s mother graduated from Tennessee Technological University which is in her hometown. But, there is not any further information related to her background. 

Career of Megan Fox’s Mother

As mentioned above, Gloria Darlene Fox worked as a real estate manager. Since May 2019, she is working in eXp Reality as a sales associate. Due to her previous job experience, Fox got such job offers in the real estate business. 

According to her profile on LinkedIn, she worked;

  • From May 2008 to March 2009 as a Manager in Marco Shores Estates. 
  • In the same position to serve at Imperial Bonita Estates for almost six years. 
  • From January 2015 to November 2016, promoted in her professional post. As a general manager later joined Riverside Club Condominium Association.
  • After almost a decade as a Real Estate Associate and Salesperson in three different companies. Then, she landed at the present company. 

Besides that, Darlene Fox charged approximately $128,000 to $343,000 for her clients for more than two years. 

 Gloria Darlene Fox: A Proud mother of Megan Fox
Darlene Fox in her early years

Personal Life of Gloria Cisson

First Marriage

According to the information, Gloria Darlene Cisson married his first husband in 1971. Her husband’s name is Franklin Thomas Fox. He worked as a parole officer. Since they met, Gloria has had a crush on his ex-husband. On the other hand, her husband Franklin falls for Gloria at first sight. 

Later, when the couple started to date and form a relationship they decided to tie the knot. Franklin and Cisson brought two beautiful kids to life. First, is Kristi and second is the superstar daughter Megan Fox. 

Gloria Darlene Fox and Franklin Thomas parted ways after 18 years of togetherness. 

Divorce to ex-Husband

The duo lived for more than a decade in this marriage. However, they tend to be separated even after having intense love for each other. Nevertheless, their marriage started to suffocate than and things stopped working in their favor.  Therefore, in 1989 they ended their wedding vows. 

None of the two mentioned the reason behind the divorce. Though, they have appeared in several public events. However, Gloria Darlene Fox got custody of both the children, as they were quite young at that time. 

Children of Gloria Fox with Ex-Husband

Presently, Gloria only has two beautiful daughters from her ex-husband. Their names are Kriti and Megan. Regardless of separation, Darlene Fox raised her girls as a single and working mother.  

The eldest daughter of Fox is Kriti Michelle Fox. She was born on 2 June 1974. Far ahead, Kriti completed her Higher education. Currently, she works as a counselor. Moreover, Kriti Fox got married and has two sons.

After 12 years of Kriti, Megan Denise Fox was born. She was welcomed on 16 May 1986. Yet, Megan is the popular one. She became an actress and model. In addition, Megan Fox got cast in the Transformer movie in 2007 as Mikaela Banes. 

Not only that, Megan starred in many movies, sitcoms, and TV shows. For example, Two and a Half Men, What I like about you, Bad Boys II, and the list goes on. 

Both of Gloria Darlene Fox’s daughters are settled in life. Though both are poles apart. One is the queen of hearts in Hollywood whereas the other is out of all public sights. 

Second Marriage

Despite living alone as a single mother for numerous years. Darlene Cisson decided to marry again. After a long period, Gloria felt lonely and wanted a life partner to spend her life with. 

After 7 years of Separation, Cisson got married to Tony Tonachino in 1996. Now, Gloria Darlene Fox got support as her husband and daughters got a stepfather. 

So far, interviews showed that Megan and Kriti do not like their step-dad. As he is very strict and conservative. Hence, they could not invite or meet any male friends. Nevertheless, when Gloria Cisson’s daughters started to earn they live separately. 

Gloria Darlene Fox’s second husband passed away on 30 May 2011. At the time of death, he was 77 years old. 

Nevertheless, the kids moved to live separately after they were able to earn for themselves. Sadly, Darlene’s second husband passed away on 30 May 2011, at the age of 77 years.

Grand Children of Darlene Fox

Darlene Fox not just has daughters of herself but also five grandkids. Gloria is grandmother to two grandsons Kyler Branim and Caleb Branim from Kriti Branim. 

Likewise, the other three are also grandsons of Megan Fox. Megan gave birth to Noah Shannon Green, Journey River Green, and Bodhi Ransom Green from his husband Brian Austin Green. 

Nonetheless, both of her daughters got married but got separated from their husbands. 

Net Worth of Fox

As discussed before, Cisson Fox worked for a long time in real estate as a manager. Thus, we can assume that she must have had a good amount of career. However, Gloria Darlene Fox total net worth is $1 million as of 2022. 

Along with that, her daughter Megan Fox’s net worth is $8 million making her a millionaire. 

Body Measurements

We do not exactly know her body measurements. Nevertheless, Gloria Darlene Fox height is 5 feet 4 inches. Whereas, her weight is around 65 kg. 

Despite her age, Darlene’s looks are attractive. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

Darlene’s Social Platforms

As expected, Fox is not on any social media apps or websites. Seems like she does not want to share her life publically. 

Controversies about Gloria Darlene

After analyzing the details, Gloria Darlene Fox has never mentioned any controversies or issues. All her life, she focused on her professional and personal life. 


Who is Gloria Darlene Cisson?

Gloria is the mother of Celebrity daughter Megan Fox who is an actress and model in Hollywood. 

Did Gloria Fox got married?

Yes! Darlene Fox married twice. She got married to Franklin Thomas in 1971 from whom she had two daughters. After their separation, she got married to Tony Tonachino in 1996.

Who is the famous daughter of Gloria?

Megan Fox is a celebrity. She worked as an actress and model in the industry. 

What is the age of Gloria Cisson?

As of 2022, Fox will be 70 years old. 

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