Giani Quintanilla: Celebrity Son of A.B. Quintanilla

Giani Quintanilla is the celebrity son of Mexican-American musician Abraham Isaac, A.B. Quintanilla III. Moreover, he is also the brother of Selena, the singer of Como la Flor. Hence, Giani is the Queen of Tejano Music’s nephew. Also, AB was a writer, major record producer, and songwriter for his late sister. In addition, he played bass guitar in Selena y Los Dinos, the band that his sister was in.

Even though Giani’s aunt passed away in the 1990s. She still manages to draw occasional attention. And sometimes her watchful eyes also involve her brothers and even her nephews and nieces. Having said that, the following information on Giani Quintanilla is worth looking at.

Giani Quintanilla: Celebrity Son of A.B. Quintanilla
Giani Quintanilla

Summary of Giani Quintanilla 

Real NameGiani Quintanilla
Age (as of 2022)22 years
Date of Birth2000
Birthplace/ HometownUnited States
Current ResidenceNew York
Ethnicity White
Famous ForAs the son of American singer A.B. Quintanilla

Early Life and Age of Giani Quintanilla

Giani is best recognized for being the son of A.B. Quintanilla. AB is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer. However, Quintanilla is currently 22 years old. He was born in the United States in the year 2000. Unfortunately, his birth date is not available.  

Still, Giani Quintanilla’s early life information is absent. Additionally, there is nothing about his education. He grew up in the USA. Moreover, Giani’s parents are Evangelina Almeida and A.B. Quintanilla. He has a half-sister named Martika and a brother named Svani Quintanilla. They are both musicians. He also has six additional stepsiblings.

In addition, A.B. Quintanilla got famous for the songs “Sabes A Chocolate,” “Na Na Na,” “Chiquilla a lot,” and “Pia Colada Shot”. In 1999, he made his recording debut with Amor, Familia Y Respeto. Even so, he has received many honors. It includes four Latin Billboard Music Awards and two Latin Grammy Awards.

As mentioned, A.B. Quintanilla is also famous for being the brother of Selena Quintanilla. She was a well-known singer who died on March 31, 1995, in a murder case.

Eight Siblings of Quintanilla

One of the eight children of record producer and songwriter A.B. Quintanilla is Giani. Though, he has a half-brother named Svani who is about nine years older than him. Svani is currently 22 years old.

Additionally, Giani has two half-sisters and three half-brothers. They were all born between 1989 and 2007. Further, Giani is descended from Mexican and Cherokee ancestors. The mothers of his other children, including Giani’s, remain somewhat of a mystery.

Furthermore, Giani’s older brother Svani appears to have the closest bond with his father, AB Quintanilla. Also, Svani is the father of a daughter as well. 

Nevertheless, the eldest of Abraham Quintanilla Jr.’s three children is Giani’s father, A.B. Quintanilla. Including the late Selena Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla.

Who is the mother of Giani?

Giani’s father has been married multiple times and involved with numerous women. However, the Fueno singer has never made Giani’s mother’s identity known in public.

At the age of 24, AB Quintanilla married Evangelina Almeida. It was the beginning of his family. Further, the wedding took place in Corpus Christi in April 1988. The Toppenish-born songwriter had his first and second children, Svani and Martika, with Almeida and Vangie.

Elsewhere, Vangie, the mother of Giani, used to accompany AB and Selena, their late sister, on their tours. Eventually, Vangie and the father of eight divorced. And, three years later, in 2002, Giani’s father, AB, married Heather Grein.

They raise their two kids, Abraham and Elijah, together. Quintanilla III, the father of Giani, soon after experienced the breakdown of this marriage as well. In late 2004, he married Brenda Ramirez.

Ultimately, the marriage between Ramirez and Giani’s father, AB, also breaks down. Then, in November 2011, AB wed Rikkie Leigh Robertson, his second girlfriend. But they separated in 2016, five years later. Leigh and Giani’s father, a record producer, was childless. At a concert, he made the breakup official from Rikkie.

Currently, Anjelah O, who is from Argentina, is married to AB. They got hitched in Las Vegas, Nevada, in September 2019.

For a period, the Mexican-American composer kept his marriage a secret.

Giani Quintanilla: Celebrity Son of A.B. Quintanilla
Giani Quintanilla

Murder Mystery of Giani’s Aunt Selena

Giani’s singer aunt shot dead on March 31, 1995. It was by Yolanda Saldivar, a boutique manager, and one of her friends. Saldivar served as both her assistant and the fan club’s president.

Surprisingly, Selena passed away when she was 23 years old. Giani’s father, AB Quintanilla, was heartbroken by Selena’s passing. The deceased Latin musician’s band disbanded after the tragic event, and AB took a leave from music as well. Later, in 1999, he made a comeback with his brand-new group, the Kumbia Kings.

Relationship Status of Quintanilla

The marital status of AB Quintanilla’s third child is another issue that has either been reported incorrectly or is still unscripted. But it doesn’t appear that Giani has ever been in a relationship that was serious enough for him to become a father. His older brother, Svani, has a daughter, whom he routinely displays to his admirers on Instagram.

Body Measurements

Giani Quintanilla has a charming face. He has black eyes and dyed black hair. In addition, his height is 5 feet, 8 inches. However, no other physical attributes were found. 

Net Worth

Giani does not have a monthly salary. Also, his net worth information is still missing. As of 2022, Giani Quintanilla’s father’s net worth is predicted to be about $500k, approximately.

What does Quintanilla do now?

Giani’s now inactive Facebook page lists Rockport, Texas, as his residence. On November 22, 2021, the 22-year-old social media account showed its last update. Mostly Giani had uploaded pictures of himself merely walking about before that.

Again, judging from his Facebook page, Giani appears to be cut off from the other Quintanilla members. His vocalist father, AB, frequently acknowledges his eldest son, Svani, on his social media accounts. Even the Amor Prohibido lyricist has rarely mentioned his other son, Giani, or any of his other children. Though it is not entirely apparent what is genuine.


Who is Giani Quintanilla?

Giani is best recognized for being the son of A.B. Quintanilla. AB is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

What is Giani Quintanilla’s age?

He was born in the year 2000, which means he will be 22 years old, by 2022.

Who is the mother of Giani Quintanilla?

Evangelina Almeida, often known as Vangie Quintanilla, is his mother.

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