Fat Joe Net Worth: How He Made $6 Million?

Around 70% of folks around the globe want to know the net worth of their favorite celebrities. Many of them avidly know the “Fat Joe net worth”. 

Renowned Fat Joe net worth revolves around $6 million this year. However, Joe was originally named Joseph Antonio Cartagena at home. Fat Joe belongs to the Bronx, New York. He is famous as an American actor and rapper. 

His other famous names are “Fat Joe de Gangster” or “Joey Crack”. Not just that, Joe belongs to ‘D.I.T.C.’ and ‘Terror squad’ music groups. Cartagena is a well-established entrepreneur. Surprisingly, Joe is the chief executive officer of the ‘Terror Squad Entertainment Company. 

Fat Joe Net Worth

The popular Rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena known as Fat joe owns a lavish lifestyle. Total Fat Joe net worth is $6 million. Monthly he earns around $40,000 including his real estate properties. He owns several houses in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Quick Facts

Real NameJoseph Antonio Cartagena
Stage NameFat Joe
Date of BirthAugust 19, 1970
Age51 Years Old
BusinessOwns Terror Squad Entertainment Company
Fat Joe Net Worth$6 Million
Height6 Ft.
Weight80 Kg
WifeLorena Cartagena
ChildrenRyan, Azania, and Joey

Fat Joe’s Birthplace and Age:

Cartagena was born in South Bronx, New York on 19th August 1970. According to his birthdate, Joe ages 51 this year. Joe was born of Puerto Rican and Cuban Descent as his parents. 

At an early age, Fat Joe drove to crime. Because of his financial issues, he used to steal just to support his family. Cartagena grew up in a harsh and underprivileged community. Joe mentioned that he got bullied in his school years as well.

Early Life of Fat Joe:

However, Fat Joe completed his high school education at Morris High School. In the meantime, Antonio Cartagena’s brother made him learn music. He managed to learn Zulu and Latin music. However, Joe started to work on music in 1992. 

In the early years, Fat Joe was influenced by ‘Funky 4+1’, ‘Furious Five’ and ‘Theodore’ music. Mostly, Cartagena writes lyrics inspired by his surroundings. 

Joe’s Musical Tenure:

It includes Joe;

  • Signed a contract in 1990 with ‘Relativity Records’ as a group member. Fat Joe’s debut album ‘Represent’ was released in 1993. However, the album includes other artists’ work as well.  
  • The second album ‘Jealous One’s envy’ launched in 1995. It embraces Joe’s teen inspiration from music from ‘Watch Out’ featured by Rapper Big Pun in this album. 
  • Got his third album in 1998. Joe signed a contract with Atlantic Records. 
  • In 2001 launched the fourth successful and certified platinum album ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy,’ (J.O.S.E.). 
  • Not got back-to-back hit albums. But the fifth album of Cartagena’s Loyalty’ released in 2002 did not get much success. 
  • In 2005, the “All Nothing” sixth album was released. 
  • Came up with a new label ‘Virgin Records’ for his seventh album. In 2006, Joe released the ‘Me, Myself & I’ album. 
  • Finally launched his solo eighth album “The Elephant in the Room”. Because of his work, Fat Joe’s song was number six by ‘Imperial Records’ on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ and was distributed.
  • Debuted ‘J.O.S.E.2’ at 73rd number on ‘Billboard 200’ as his 9th album. 
  • Appeared on DJ Khaled’s ‘Welcome to My Hood’ remix in 2011. Antonio launched ‘The Dark side Vol.2’ as a mixtape. Yet, Joe’s ‘Yellow Tape’ and ‘Another Round’ was in his 11th album with singles. 
  • Appeared in ‘Happy Feet (2006) and ‘Thicker than water (1999) movies. Cartagena appeared on the Netflix series ‘She’s Gotta Have It (2017) as well.
  • Not only worked in music or film. But experimenting in the fashion industry with the ‘FJ560’ line. He even dabbled in a clothing store and barber shop. 

Weight Transformation and Height of Cartagena:

Initially, Joe was very fat. In 1996, his weight was somewhere around 136 kg. Therefore, Cartagena had to face a lot because of being overweight. 

Later in 2011, Joe lost weight, which surprised his viewers. He managed to lose 40 kg. Fat Joe even made a weight loss journey music video. Currently, Cartagena weighs 80 kg and he is 6 feet tall. 

Love Life of Fat Joe:

Fat Joe got married to Lorena Cartagena. They had a relationship of 26 years. It seemed rare in Hollywood celebrity marriages. Lorena Cartagena has remained out of the spotlight. However, Joe, a famous rapper Lorena Cartagena remained in her business. 

According to the reports, Cartagena got separated in 2012. Lorena and Joe have Ryan, Azania, and Joey as their children living in Miami. 

Joe’s Lawsuit Issues:

One of the biggest news against Fat Joe was he got arrested twice. One was stealing a chain of gold in June 1998. In another case, Cartagena got arrested with Big Pun on assault charges by beating a man with a baseball with Big Pun in September 1998. Not just that, he again got arrested due to fighting in Times Square at B.B. King’s Blues club. 

This did not end, Joe was the witness in two murder cases. One was of his bodyguard shooting a 16-year-old girl. The second was in a park where Cartagena was present and a fight broke out. 

Joseph Antonia Cartagena was sentenced to jail between August to November 2013. He lasted four months in prison due to tax evasion. As per the calculation, Fat did fraud of more than 3 million dollars by not paying taxes.  He appealed guilty from 2007 to 2010 for this scam. 

Accomplishments of Fat Joe:

Cartagena got nominated four times. He got nominated for ‘MTV Video Music Awards and ‘Grammy Awards. Similarly, Antonio won ‘ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Award’ in 2005 for the “What’s Luv?” song. His ‘I Don’t Care/Que Mas Da (Dance Remixes)’ in 2006 received a ‘Billboard Latin Music’ also. 

Fat Joe Net Worth:

Fat Joe’s net worth is $6 million as a Producer and Rapper. However, Fat Joe started his own music entertainment company known as ‘Terror Squad’. Therefore, Antonio Cartagena was able to collaborate with renowned musicians in the industry. Besides music, Joe starred in various movies as well. From 2017 to 2022, Fat Joe net worth got a massive exhale. His net worth was $2.5 million in 2017. However, every year at the rate of $0.5 million Fat Joe net worth increased. 

Fat Joe Net Worth: How He Made $6 Million?
Fat Joe Net Worth


Joe owns several real estate properties. The monthly income of  Fat Joe revolves around $40000+ including New York City house. Nonetheless, Joe owns a few more properties in Chicago and Los Angeles. 

In Florida, Antonio Cartagena spent $115,000 on Plantation. Joe bought an acre of land for it. He constructed a customized home on 5300 square feet of land. Surprisingly, the house went on sale for $2 million increasing Fat Joe net worth, in 2010. It never got sold so he still owns it. 

Collection of Cars:

Fat Joe has a collection of more than two cars. However, to be precise, Cartagena owns a Range Rover and a Toyota Corolla.  Not just those, he also has a Chevrolet as his favorite. His salary and yearly income make Fat Joe net worth $0.5 million+. 

Fat Joe Net Worth: How He Made $6 Million?
Fat Joe Net Worth


For a great period, Fat Joe was at top of his career with a popular persona in America. Indeed, Cartagena managed to launch a variety of songs and albums. Therefore, Fat Joe net worth escalated over years. 

Along with that, Fat contributed to other artists and singers’ work to create incredible work. Due to such success, he moved out of his distressed life. 

It turned him into an outstanding rapper. Despite criticism, Fat Joe is getting all the respect and love he deserves. 

FAQ’s About Fat Joe Net Worth

What is fat joe net worth?

His net worth is $4-$6 million. He invested his money in real estate business. Furthermore, he owns lavish cars.

How much does fat joe’s make in a year?

Fat Joe makes $0.5 million+ every year. His ways of income include real estate business and his own company “Terror Squad “.

Fat joe real name?

Joseph Antonio Cartagena is his real name. People gave him the name Fat Joe as a stage nickname.

Fat joe age?

Cartagena was born in South Bronx, New York on 19th August 1970. Currently, he is 52 years old.

Fat joe wife?

Lorena Cartagena and Fat Joe tied the knot in 1995. They have three beautiful children together. However, there were rumors they got divorced in 2012. 

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