Exit Navigation; A detailed Guide for You

Nowadays, using Google maps for Exit navigation, searching locations, traffic control and ETA’s saves time. If you want to be somewhere like restaurants, hospitals, or anyone’s house we just have to enter the name. This will guide you through the shortest routes. It also provides an estimated time of arrival with traffic zones marked. They even have a feature of reviews for the best places around the location. 

Therefore, technology controls everything in the world. Apps can customize it with a click away. One of these apps is Google maps. Monthly 154.4 million people use google maps. Nearly Five million live websites are using google maps. 

No doubt, such apps work perfectly. Unfortunately, some people don’t like its pop-up notification. It appears when you do not exit the navigation correctly from the app. 

Here are a few steps to exit the navigation correctly.

Guide to Exit the Navigation

  • Open your settings.
  • In the upper search bar, type “Google Maps”.
  • Click and the drop-down menu shows.
  • You will see the “Location” bar.
  • Click and this screen will appear. 
  • Click on the green button to allow notifications.
  • Turn off notifications later.

Location Excess to Apps

An alternative way to excess the location for apps is also available. If you want to use the location for a particular app here are a few steps to follow:

  • Open settings.
  • Slide down where apps are shown.
  • Open google maps. 
  • Click on location.
  • You will see these options.
  • Choose according to your preferences.

This will help you to exit the navigation easily. It will work only once you are using the app. 

Exit the Navigation through Voice Control 

You can control your Apps through Google assistant. It works like Siri. You have to record your voice by saying ‘OK’ to google. This feature can be used while driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

If you say, ‘OK’ to google and command ‘exit navigation’ it will exit the app and switch to the home screen automatically. 

 Advantages of Google Map

  • Google maps assist you in the most convenient location. If you take a wrong turn. It will automatically reroute your map. You just need to listen to the instructions carefully. 
  • Traffic jams are super stressful. Thanks to Google Maps. It shows a red line on the map if the particular area is jammed. 
  • The below picture shows a blue tag on the left upper side to a shortcut key. You click on it and the direct app will open to navigation.
Exit Navigation; A detailed guide for you.
 Advantages of Google Map


No matter which app you are using, keep using it in the right way. It will work in your favor. Likewise, Google maps are the most used app in today’s generation. For example, in Uber ride services, you can pinpoint your location. Where do you want to go or have stopovers in between? However, you can navigation at the end. 

Meanwhile, arriving at the destination you can exit the navigation from the map. Google map provides exact information including estimated cost through calculated kilometers traveled. 

However, this particular information can create a precise route. Exit navigation is a secured network and people find it user-friendly due to its convenience. 

FAQ’s to Exit the Navigation

How do I exit the navigation? 

 If you want to exit the navigation verbally and through maps, click the exit option on the right bottom or by saying the following phrase to exit the navigation. You will automatically go to your home screen. 

How do I turn off auto navigation on Android?

 To stop navigating, tap on the microphone option and say exit the navigation.

How do I turn off Google navigation?

 Go into settings, open your google maps app and in the notification bar turn it off. 

How do I hide the navigation bar?

 Go to “Settings”, “Display”, “Navigation bar”, “Buttons”, and “Button layout”. Choose “Hide navigation bar” the app opens, and the navigation bar automatically hides.

What is a navigation panel?

The Navigation Panel appears on the left side of outlook; it acts like a shortcut key to switch between emails, Calendars, and notes.             

How do I turn off accessibility on Android?

  Open settings search accessibility and select and turn it off from the option.

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