Everything about Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Alex Cooper Boyfriend is currently the talk of the town. Alex Cooper is another name for an American blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster. She got well known for hosting “Call Her Daddy” on the podcast with Sofia Franklyn. 

In 2016, Cooper landed her first job with “Dirty Water Media” as a studio anchor. When she was photographed kissing baseball star Noah Syndergaard at a Knicks game in 2017, she made headlines. In the episode, Alex offers advice on dating for women as well as an open discussion of her sex life. She also discussed her partner, whom she refers to as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Her supporters are now curious to find out who Alex Cooper boyfriend is?

Let’s start with what made Alex Cooper famous in the first place as you’re curious to discover more about her personal life. We all know that Alex Cooper is a known social media figure. 

Everything about Alex Cooper Boyfriend
Alex Cooper

Biography of Alexandra and Alex Cooper Boyfriend 

Alexandra Cooper, recognized as ‘Alex Cooper’ grew up in the American state of Pennsylvania. Alex was born on 21 August 1994. She is currently only 26 years old. Leo is Alex’s astrological sign of birth. 

As mentioned above, Alex was the host of a well-known radio program. Alex Cooper rose to fame mostly because of the television program “Dirty Water Media.” The channel featured gaming, party, and nightlife events in Boston.

Cooper’s podcasting career began in 2018 when she and her (ex-) best friend Sofia Franklyn started one. Due to the popularity of their filthy stories and dating advice, these nascent podcasters were offered a contract by Barstool Sports. 

Cooper first intended to become a YouTube vlogger. Nevertheless, as CHD’s fame developed, she got recognition in her field. In 2020, Franklyn and Cooper abruptly split up. Because Franklyn intended to leave Barstool at the expense of Call Her Daddy’s intellectual property. The two had been overdue for a contract discussion.

The then-roommate’s personal and professional connection ended. Because Cooper refused to reconstruct the pod without its inside jokes and common slang. In the end, Cooper did go from Barstool Sports for a groundbreaking $60 million deal with Spotify. For three years, Alex Cooper made the highest-paid female podcaster in history.

Later, she received a lot of disrepute from the podcast “Call Her Daddy.” She also ranks among the most well-known celebs on social media. Astonishingly, her Instagram account has 2.2 million followers. As a result, you can understand how hugely popular this young celebrity is.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend History

Cooper acknowledged dating several celebrities. However, according to TMZ, her most popular boyfriends were Logan Paul and Noah Syndergaard. She has attracted a lot of attention because of her romance with baseball player Noah Syndergaard. Hence, they first became romantically involved in April 2017. In addition, they have since appeared together at various events. 

They shared their final public sighting during a New York Knicks basketball game in December 2020. With the phrase “Baseball is my significant other,” Syndergaard declared their breakup. Since they split up, Alex has also discussed her experiences on a podcast. She was also said to have dated Paul, a familiar YouTuber.

Although, it is unknown when the former couple first became romantically involved. According to reports, the podcast host admitted to dating Paul in April 2021. Early in 2020, Alex Cooper announced that she had resumed a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, although she remained quiet on his identity.

Although Alex Cooper boyfriend has been the subject of numerous speculations, it appears that she is presently seeing Matt Kaplan.

Everything about Alex Cooper Boyfriend
Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Matt Kaplan is Alex Cooper Boyfriend

Filmmaker Matthew Kaplan is in charge of a number of well-liked young adult movies. The enormous success of his teen romance ‘To All the Boys I’ve loved before’ led to countless sequels. A Gen Z power couple is in the making with this businessman and Alexandra “Alex” Cooper.

He was president of Awesomeness Films before becoming the media magnate and founder of ACE Entertainment, and he has steadily ascended the Hollywood ladder. Moreover, He emphasizes identifying new talent, which is one of the secrets to his success. Also, he aids aspiring amateur actors instead of only casting well-known celebs. 

Alex Cooper Boyfriend has been kept somewhat under wraps. However, the devoted listeners of the popular podcaster were able to piece together the puzzle using information from Cooper’s show.

Fans were able to make the connection between Kaplan and the “Call Her Daddy” host’s boyfriend (also known as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man”) using information from Cooper’s program.

During a business meeting at the height of the epidemic in 2020, the two connected through Zoom. According to rumors, Cooper fell in love with the ruggedly attractive movie producer right away. The two eventually met for a work dinner.

Due to their occupations, they decided to keep their week-long date a secret after the meal. Cooper did disclose that her partner was a producer and that he had a puppy named Henry.

Her followers quickly realized Kaplan met this requirement (along with some other helpful clues).

Matt Kaplan: Who Is He?

Born on April 14, 1984, Matthew Kaplan played quarterback for the Lions, his collegiate football club, and graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Les Moonves, the president of CBS, hired him as an intern right after graduation, and he eventually progressed to the position of director of digital development.

He joined Lionsgate Films after amicably departing CBS, where he oversaw films like Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd’s They Came Together.

The former intern who is now a producer put a lot of effort into starting Chapter One Films. And negotiated a first-look contract with Blumhouse Productions. Before Kaplan joined Awesomeness in 2015, where he oversaw their film division. Chapter One produced movies like The Lazarus Effect and 6 Miranda Drive.

Since the company was new to the film industry, this job was enormous. Nevertheless, Kaplan came through and helped make several young adult pictures. One of these was the Zoey Deutch-starring Before I Fall from 2017.

After two years, Kaplan quit Awesomeness (to once more try) his hand at starting his production firm. This business, which now goes by the name ACE Entertainment, targets the young adult market.

After producing To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, ACE has established itself as a premier production business. Spontaneous (2020), The Perfect Date (2019), and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, which will soon be available on Netflix, are among Kaplan’s other films.

Alexandra Cooper’s net worth 

Cooper’s substantial thanks are to her work as a podcaster and writer. She has been employed in this field for about 5 years. During this time, she has made a sizable fortune through podcasts, blogs, and social media platforms. 

As of 2022, Alex estimated net worth is around $98 million. Where all of her income is from streams, podcast earnings, and social media accounts. Despite having a fortune worth millions of dollars, she manages to lead a luxurious lifestyle. 


What baseball player did Alex Cooper date? 

Alex admits that she has dated several baseball pitchers but has not described them. However, the most notable baseball player dated was Noah Syndergaard. 

 Is Alex Cooper in a relationship?

The “Call Her Daddy” host never specifically named Kaplan as her significant other (a.k.a. “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man”), but fans were able to put two and two together using details from Cooper’s show. The pair met over Zoom during a business meeting at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Are Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan still together?

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan are not married. The couple has been together since February 2021, when they met over Zoom and made their relationship o

Why did Alex and Sofia fall out?

According to Nicki Swift, Sofia accused Alex of negotiating with executives behind her back to take more control over the podcast without her consent. She made these claims in an emotional Instagram video to her fans and followers.

What is Alex Cooper’s salary?

Alexandra Cooper’s Net Worth is $98 Million US Dollars.

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