Dream Face Reveal: The Anonymous Gamer!

On October 2, the mysterious gaming streamer Dream finally revealed his face to the world. Moreover, the internet gave it the hashtag “Dream Face Reveal.” On September 19th he revealed his face to more than 30 million of his followers. He became a celebrity overnight.

In the video, He said,

“My next upload will be my face revealing… Super nervous but also incredibly excited for the future! I can’t wait to start meeting you guys in person.” 


On Sunday he revealed his face to his million followers with the caption on his video “hi, I’m Dream.” Moreover, the video shows how he removed his smiley face mask and was standing behind a green screen until he revealed his face. 

“My name is Clay, maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe not,” also he said “Maybe you clicked on this video out of pure curiosity, and you don’t care who I am.”

Dream Face Reveal: The Anonymous Gamer!
Dream Face Reveal

Dream Face Reveal: Mixed Reaction of Public

After one hour of revealing his face #DreamFaceReveal trended at No.1 on Twitter in the United States. Moreover, the video received 1.1 million views within an hour of revealing. Later, Dream posted his first-ever selfie and gained 800,000 likes. 

After, posting his picture and revelation people also had some hateful comments like “He’s Ugly” and “#PutTheMaskBackOn.” Moreover, some people loved the cute and adorable personality of Dream and twitted about him. 

Who is Dream and Why is he so famous?  

Dream is a 23 years old young Twitch gaming streamer. Moreover, he started his channel in 2014 and got famous for creating “Dream SMP (“Survival Multi Player”). However, he made this server with his friend GeorgeNotFound on Minecraft. The server was launched in April 2020 and it got famous because of “mostly improvisational plot and a long history of alliances, wars, factions, eras, and characters.”

Moreover, Dream started this channel three years back. But now he holds 30 million subscribers. Not only Dream but his friend also have a huge fan following. One of his members TommyInnIt has 11 million subscribers. Also, Dream’s Twitter account has reached five million subscribers. 

The most intriguing part of Dream was his hidden reality from people. Besides, this he had a strong and charming personality making his social media strong. But there is a price paid with a such fan following. There is some criticism and controversy at different stages. Though, Dream was not aware of that. Previously, he got blamed for cheating in a game. During that, it was said that Dream used game modifications in Minecraft Speed runner. Later, he claimed that he was unaware during the game of the active mods. 

Dream Face Reveal: The Anonymous Gamer!
Dream Face Reveal: The Anonymous Gamer!

Why did Dream hide his identity and Why he revealed it now? 

In an interview with Anthony Padilla Youtuber, he said, “I just blew up so quickly and then it became a part of the fan art, and a part of the community so quickly. It wasn’t a calculated move; it was just something that happened.”  In 2021, Dream discusses this on Duo smash YouTube channel. Also, he mentioned that being anonymous wasn’t a plan from start. Nonetheless, due to the rising demand and popularity, it became an important part of his personality. 

Surprisingly, not many people knew what Dream look like. Mostly, the ones who played with him did not recognize him. Few knew how he looks even before Dream’s face reveal. Therefore, once Dream planned to show his face to close friend GeorgeNotFound. As he moved to Florida and have not met him for a long time. Simultaneously, both of them posted. George mentioned he got the visa and, Dream tweeted that he will be revealing his face.  

Dream in his video said, “My goal was to just start doing things; get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally, just get out in the world, be an actual creator, be a person.”


What was the Trolling on Dream Face Reveal?

For a long time, Dream’s followers imagined his face. Therefore, they got excited after the announcement. Further, a fan of his said, “It would be pretty nice to finally put a face on his voice,” in told BuzzFeed News. Another follower mentioned, “I’m just nervous he’s gonna get awful messages if he doesn’t look like they expect him to look.” 

After the face reveal awful messages started to pop up. Soon there was a hashtag #DreamFaceReveal on trending. It includes slogans such as, “He’s Ugly,” and #PutTheMaskBack. Nevertheless, some of his followers started making jokes about his looks. However, many supported and talked in his favor. 

Some of those comments were, “he looks completely different than I was expecting him to.” Furthermore, a fan said, “But bros are so cute wtf.” Even, Joey Graceffa You tuber tweeted, “Dream is cute.” 


It is to know that Dream was not the only anonymous streamer. Still, it shows that this move will affect his career. He will be wearing a mask while streaming. However, Dream is free from any fear, which can leak his identity. Moreover, he can finally meet his fans in person rather than hide over the internet. 


Why did Dream reveal his face?

Dream claims that he revealed himself in order to connect with pals. Such as the streamer GeorgeNotFound, and venture outside. Since his fans now recognize him, he can host meetups as a creator and complete more work away from his desk.

Is there an actual Dream face reveal?

The cartoon-smiley mask that Dream, an anonymous game live stream, had been wearing. It was for a little over three years and was eventually removed on October 2. In September, the YouTuber gave his more than 30 million viewers a “face reveal” tease.

What happened to Dream after the face reveal?

Dream has now addressed those responses and given his justification for not being overly bothered by them. In an interview with Bloomberg, Dream disclosed that a number of his pals texted him. After the face reveal video went viral check on him in the wake of the harsh feedback.

Who has seen Dream’s face?

People who have previously got affiliated with Dream have been picked carefully. Karl Jacobs, Antfrost, Awesamedude, Ranboo, Sylvee, LazarBeam, and Anthony Padilla have all seen Clay’s face before.

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