Divorce Rumors of Lorena Cartagena Are False!

Lorena Cartagena, a familiar name to ears. Yes! You read it right. We are talking about the wife of famous Rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena. Joseph Antonio Cartagena, famously known as “Fat Joe” in the music industry. As far as I know, relationships and marriages in the entertainment industry do not work smoothly. However, it all depends on the efforts put into the relationship. Here, the same situation lies between Fat Joe and his wife Cartagena. 

A time period came when their marriage became chaotic. However, they managed to solve their issues and decided to stick together.  

Moreover, to know further about Cartagena life let us find out in the article. 

Lorena Cartagena Profile

Lorena Cartagena never came into the spotlight. However, little information about her leaked because of his famous husband and rapper “Fat Joe”. She holds an American nationality. Her Ethnicity is Hispanic.

According to her social media, she will be around 51 years old in 2022. Lorena Cartagena is a model for magazines and fashion shows. However, on Instagram, she mentioned herself as “lolamilan1” with 231k subscribers. 

in addition, Cartagena social media handle proves her a fashion enthusiast. Her fans go crazy about the sizzling beauty. People admire her for being so beautiful even in middle age. 

Lorena Cartagena Education

Shockingly, no information about Lorena Cartagena’s early life and education was found. Therefore, no clue is suspected about her school and studies. Yet, it remains a mystery if she is a graduate or not. 

Net worth and Business of Cartagena

Around $4 million in total net worth of Lorena Cartagena and Fat Joe. Cartagena worked in and around the business but remained out of the spotlight.  Joe and Cartagena own a music company named “Terror Squad”. According to radar, they have invested a good amount of money in real estate. Nevertheless, Rapper and his wife own some lavish cars to drive. 

Cartagena’s Physical Appearance

This superwoman is also called a fashion icon even in her middle age.  Much likely, a true example of elegance and beauty. Her height, weight, and everything looks in shape and perfect as well. In addition, her Instagram pictures show proof of perfection. Also, to maintain her body, she prefers yoga as a workout.

Love Life of Cartagena 

She first met Joe in the 90s. At that time, he was in his struggling period. However, trying to build his music career in New York.  Lorena Cartagena made sure to stand by his side because of their true love. 

Amid all the hardships they faced, in the end, their love stands strong. Finally, they got married in 1995.

They have one daughter and two sons. Only the daughter is from Cartagena. The two boys are from Joe’s previous relationship.

The youngest ‘Azaria Cartagena’ aged 15 years. The oldest child ‘Joey Cartagena’, was born in December 1992 and is 27 years old now. Thirdly, ‘Ryan Cartagena’ was born in 1995.

Were divorce rumors of Lorena Cartagena false?
Lorena Cartagena and Family

The Career of Lola Milan 

  • Cartagena is a famous model. She has done several ramp walks for fashion shows. Lorena is a media personality who earned fame and money on her own. Besides, being the wife of a famous rapper.
  • Lorena Cartagena made her appearance in a documentary named “Unsung”. It revolves around the hip-hop world. It was just one episode where she appeared to highlight her married life in the world of hip-hop music. 
  • People believe Mrs. Cartagena can do ramp walks for Fenty, fashion nova, or any other modeling fits but she keeps herself reserved.

Lola Milan On social media

Nonetheless, Cartagena came out as quite a social bee on social media. Her profile talks about friends, family, love, life, and children. 

Moreover, her love life has been the top talk of the town. Joe and Cartagena got married for almost 26 years now. For three long decades, these two cherished their marriage.  

Unknown Facts about Cartagena’s Life 

  • Cartagena and Joe share only one daughter 

Yes! That is right. Azaria Cartagena is the only biological child of Fat Joe and Lorena Cartagena. Joey and Ryan are from Joe’s past relationship. Besides, Cartagena loves all three children like her own and she loves to spend time with them.

  • Stepson Joey has autism

A few years ago, Joe declared in his Facebook post about his son with autism. Due to his medical condition, her biological mother left her. His grandparents and father raised Joey.  

  • Divorce Rumor in 2012

In 2012, a rumor came out that Fat Joe had cheated on his wife with another woman. No doubt, their marriage has some hardships but they never thought of separating. Their decade-long relationship was unbreakable. 

Somehow, people believed that it happened when Joe lost weight and became a charming personality. Therefore, Joe came into a relationship with a 26 years old woman settled in Dubai.

The YBF reports:

“We’re told Joe has allegedly been having a yearlong affair with a 26-year-old woman from Dubai, who goes by the uber original name ‘Ms. Dubai.’  She resides in Miami–where Joe, Lorena, and their 5-year-old daughter live as well.  And Joe has supposedly flown her to several places with him and even brought her out in public to parties and such.”

Lorena found out through text messages and pictures about this rumor. 

  • His husband was arrested once in 1998

On 8th September 1998, Joe and Big Pun were arrested for beating a man with a baseball bat and for stealing his stuff. Later, the charges dropped off. 

  • Supporter of LGBTQ

However, Cartagenas husband is not homosexual. He always supported gay people to come out and live with their identity. Many rumors came out that he may shoot a rap song with the gay community. 

  • Fluent in Spanish 

Besides, English Cartagena can speak Spanish fluently. People were amazed and thought that she might have some blood relations from the country. 

  • Her husband was a murder case witness

Joe’s bodyguard shot a 16 years old boy at a nightclub in the Bronx in 1995. He stated to police that he just heard the sound of gunfire and people running away from the place.

His name appeared as a witness in the case of Jermaine ‘Wufgang’ Chamberlain, who shot Leslie Paz and Joey Navarro to death.


People usually think Lorena Cartagena is famous because of his husband Fat Joe. It is not all true because she is using her social media platform to earn money. Her fans are crazy about Lola’s fashion sense and her beauty. 

To sum up, Lorenas life is perfect when it comes to her personal and professional life. She is a loving mother to three of his children. Besides, two of them are not his own. Then when we go to the professional side, she is sizzling on the internet as a supermodel. 

FAQs of Lorena Cartagena

Who is Lola Milan?

Lorena is the wife of the popular musician Fat Joe and the loving mommy of his three children. 

Who is Joseph Antonio Cartagena to Lorena?

He is her husband; the couple tied the knot in 1995, right after their short lapse of dating. 

How many children does Lorena Cartagena have?

She has three children Joey, Ryan, and Azariah Cartagena. 

Has Cartagena ever made an appearance in TV shows?

She just appeared in a documentary Unsung that portrays her husband’s career as a musician. 

How much does Lola Milan earn?

It is difficult to keep a track of Lorena’s annual income, as she is not earning on her own, but her husband’s net worth is approximately $5 million. 

Is Lorena Cartagena filing for a divorce?

No, it is just a rumor, as she is happily living off her marital life.

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