Diana Jenkins Net Worth: A Self Made Millionaire

Diana Jenkins net worth touches the sky in 2022. A war survivor and a refugee coming from an extremely poor family on a journey to becoming a millionaire. Moreover, the Bosnian business woman, humanitarian, and actor, Diana Jenkins. She owns a beverage company called Neuro. 

In addition, Jenkin chose many various paths in her professional life; she worked as an activist for human rights. In May 11, 2022, she made her acting debut as the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” in its 12th season. However, Total Diana Jenkins net worth is around $300 million.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth: A Self Made Millionaire
Diana Jenkins

Quick Facts of Diana Jenkins

Full NameSanela Diana Jenkins
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1973
Place of BirthSarajevo, Bosnia
Age49 years old
Height5 feet 9 inches
Marital StatusDivorced
Net Worth$300 Million

Early life and struggles of Diana Jenkins

Sanela Dijana Catic later called Diana Jenkins born on October 24, 1973, in Sarajevo. The capital of Bosnia. Moreover, she grew up in a communist area. She and her family lived in a concrete apartment block. However, belonging to a middle-class family. Jenkin’s father Smajo Catic worked as an economist and his mother Rasida Catic as an accountant. 

In addition, Jenkins had two siblings. While she was studying economics at the university of Sarajevo, war was called. Unfortunately, his brother, Irnis, was shot dead at age of 21 by a Serb soldier in the war. 

However, the rest of the family decided to fly to Croatia. Before flying to Canada the Jerkins family stayed as a refugee for one year in Croatia.  

Education of Diana Jenkins 

After migrating to London she was lucky to continue her studies. Moreover, she got her degree in bachelors science in Economics and computer science with honors. Jenkins graduated from City University, London. Due to her excellent academic records, permanent citizenship was granted. In addition to that she was also recognized for her work integrity. 

Physical Appearance of Jenkins

Diana Jenkins looks 5 feet and 9 inches in height. Her beauty seems an add-on to Diana Jenkins net worth.  However, her beautiful and silky light brown hair at age of 49, make her even more charismatic. 

Separation with Roger Jenkins

Diana and Roger Jenkins got married in 1999. They were together for a decade, but unfortunately, they decided to part ways in 2011. As per reports, the first interaction between Diana and Roger happened at a gym where they were members.  

Speaking about her children with Roger Jenkins, they have one daughter and one son. Eneya who is 19 years old is a showjumper and resides in the UK. Innis, who is 22 years old, lives with her mother. 

An unexpected turn in the love life of Diana Jenkins

Before entering into love life again Jenkins stayed single for five months. Diana found love again when she met Asher Monroe at a Victoria’s Secret event. Moreover, Diana Jenkins came into an official relationship with Asher Monroe, who is a musician. They have a daughter named Eliyanah. She is 2 years old. 

A Job person to Entrepreneur

  • Jewelry Business

After graduating she worked many jobs, to collect money and started her jewelry brand.  

  • Swimwear line

Jenkins started a swimwear line with Melissa Odabash and later took the possession to herself.  

  • Neuro Beverages

The company CEO of Neuro lines beverages, Diana Jenkins. She started her own company with the tagline “Drink with purpose”. It generated $79 million to Diana Jenkins net worth. The company is settled in California. 

  • Music label

D Empire Entertainment, added $0.3 million to Diana Jenkins net worth. It is a music label that starts up for well-known artists to create something unique. Along that, her ideas and creation came from a different point of view. 

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In December 2021, the twelve seasons of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” were announced. Her appearance in season affected Diana Jenkins net worth overall.  

  • The Irnis Catic Foundation

In the late memory of her brother, she ventured to the Irnis Catic Foundation. According to reports it is the largest privately funded Bosnian philanthropic organization.

  • Room 23

It was a photography book launched by Diana which benefited several projects.

  • Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Jenkins raised a fundraiser for Elton John AIDS foundation. 

  • Relief operations in Congo and Haiti.

It provided medical care to thousands of victims of an earthquake that happened in 2010 in Haiti.

  • Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Right

A project that focuses on human rights and the first program launched at the University of California.

  • The Sunela Foundation

Though, Diana Jenkins net worth is not only for her lifestyle. From foundation, she donated $100,000 to family members of passengers who were found dead in the 2018 Lion Air 610 flight.

Professional Achievements

  • For her outstanding work, the Enduring Vision Award from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in 2012 was awarded to Diana.
  • The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law acknowledged her “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators” in 2012.
  • Diana Jenkins in 2013 received Isa-beg Isakovic Award for Patriotism

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

  • The wealthiest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 

After this TV show, Diana Jenkins net worth touched $300 million. Once, appearing on the show Diana clearly stated that designers send their clothes to the house. The ones I like I keep and pay for them and send back which I don’t like. She spoke. “Nothing humble about it. I need to own it.” 

  •  Houses and Mansions

In addition, Diana has a set of houses everywhere around the globe. This includes a home in Sarajevo and Croatia. She currently resides in Hidden hills with her husband in a California mansion. 

Before traveling to any location, she sends a team to preview safety, bedding and view from the room. So, wherever she travels it feels like home. 

  • A billionaire ex-husband

Roger Jenkins was a British financier and professional athlete. According to reports, the divorce settlement was made at $300 million. This settlement made Diana rank as the richest woman in the UK. It includes a $31 million clifftop Malibu estate, a home in Bosnia, and a yacht.

  • Neuro Brand

Sanela is the chairwoman and CEO of Neuro brand company. It’s an alternative to soda and caffeine. The beverage helps you to reduce stress, promote sleep and boost your immune system.  Surprisingly, it contributes $79 million to Diana Jenkins net worth.

  • The Famous Malibu Property

It was reported she sold her famous Malibu mansion to his next-door neighbor and WhatsApp founder Jan Koum for $87 million. Jan paid $100 million in 2019 for the property. That means Diana Jenkins net worth for real estate property in Malibu touched $200 million.


Nonetheless, Diana Jenkins worked as an entrepreneur, and Human right activist. She helped a lot of people through her foundations and fundraisings. Besides, People believed that Diana Jenkins net worth made her the richest woman in the UK because of her rich husband. However, it is not true at all. She started up a business chain, which led her to fame as an entrepreneur.


How did Diana Jenkins get her money?

Diana owns a beverage company, Neuro. It has a tagline “drink with purpose”. Total net worth of Diana Jenkins through this company contributes $79 million. 

How rich is Diana Jenkins?

As of now, She’s part of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. As of 2022, net worth of Diana Jenkins goes to $300 million.

How old is Diana Jenkins?

She was born in 1973. Currently, she is 49 years old. 

Who is Diane Jenkins’ husband?

Roger Allan Jenkins husband of Diana Jenkins. He’s a British financier and former international athlete. 

Where is Diana Jenkins House?

Location Beverly Hills, Calif. Last year, she sold her house for $87 million. She bought a new house in the hidden hills of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

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