Chris Chan: The ‘Sonichu’ Artist

Chris Chan aka Christopher Weston Chandler is a YouTube content creator, celebrity, and the creator of the webcomic character Sonichu. Unfortunately, he became a target of online bullying when he came out as a transwoman and for the allegation of having an affair with her elderly mother.

Officially Chris identified as a male, but in 2016 he came out publicly and changed his name from Christopher to Christine. Moreover, Chris came into the limelight in 1999 when he uploaded a picture of his cartoon drawing named ‘Sonichu’.

Later, she started her YouTube channel in 2007 but people were trolling her in huge numbers due to her life online and offline. Moreover, Christine is the most documented person in the history of the internet. Her documentary is about 40 hours.

Chris Chan: The ‘Sonichu’ Artist
The ‘Sonichu’ Artist  by Chris Chan    

Chris Chan Quick Facts

Full NameChristopher Weston Chandler
Stage NameChris Chan
Date of BirthFebruary 24th, 1982
Place of BirthCharlottesville, Virginia
ResidenceRuckersville, Virginia, United States
Famous ForCreator of Sonichu

Early Life of Chris Chan

Christine or Chris Chan was born Christopher Weston Chandler on February 24th, 1982 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Moreover, her father Robert Franklin worked as an electrical engineer for Western electric. Also, her mother Ann Weston worked as a secretary for Virginia Power in the finance department.

When Chris was 18 months old she had a babysitter named Roach who she told abused her when her parents left for their job. Moreover, she told that whenever Roach felt angry she would lock her up in the room with her toys.

When Chris turned 7 years old till the time she didn’t start speaking. So. Her parents decided to put her up for speech therapy. Moreover, she went to James Madison University for speech therapy. During this time, Chris was diagnosed with a medical condition called autism.

Everybody thought that due to autism he won’t be able to go to high school and study but later he started writing and speaking because of speech therapy.   

Chris Chan: The ‘Sonichu’ Artist
Chris Chan 

How did Chan Become Famous?

On March 17, 2020, Chris designed the comic cartoon Sonichu in her graphic design class. Moreover, the cartoon was a mixture of Sonic and Pikachu. She wanted to put both the cartoon on a CD but it wasn’t legal. Later, she decided to create her own cartoon named ‘Sonichu’.    

The first Sonichu came into release on March, 24th, 2005. Furthermore, she created a band named after her band members names “Christian and the Hedgehog Boys”. Two series of bands were released in 2003 and 2009.

Chris got famous for not just creating a comic cartoon but also for coming out as a transwoman. Many websites like 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and CWCki. One of the sites Encyclopedia Dramatica mocked Chris Chan for leaking private information to grab the attention of people.

Moreover, people made fun of her due to her art, laziness, views on women, and narcissism. However, Chris took the positive criticism to improve her work and negative ones affected her mental health.

In early 2000 Chris invested all her time in creating comic designs and playing games. Moreover, she created content for her YouTube channel. However, she got banned from some stores and churches due to her disturbing comments and sexuality. She decided to take a break from social media but she couldn’t.

Mentally Unstable Phase of Chan’s Life

In 2011, Chris claimed that she is a tom girl and she will go through a gender transformation. But her parents disapproved of any kind of news. People still believed Chris due to her feminine traits. Besides, in September 2011 Chris’s dad Bob went to the hospital due to heart failure but later caught up with covid. On September 6, 2011, he passed away and Chan went into depression.

She was so inactive from the internet that people started feeling sympathy for her. Later, on January 10, 2014, Chris’s house caught fire due to some short circuit. Luckily, the firefighter saved everything on time and they shifted to a rental house before shifting back to their Ruckersville home months later after renovation.

From Christopher to Christine

In 2016 Christopher changed her name to Christine and came out publically with this name. Moreover, she knew she was transgender since 2014. However, she also went through surgery to grow a vagina. Later, she had some infection due to the surgery.

In 2018 she came out as bisexual and believed that she is a goddess and people following her are called “Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu.” Moreover, to prove that she is right Chan once said: “Everyone is an OC and any characters people have created will come to life.”

Controversies of Chris Chan

  • On August 1, 2021, arrested by Richmond police due to charges of having sexual relations with her mother. A famous Youtuber Dillin Thomas leaked the screenshot of Chan admitting to the act. Later Chandler tweeted: “There is drama in the air today. Each and every one of you is encouraged to withdraw from any and all dramas, gossip, rumors, and whatever else will, and already has, approached your way today.” 
  • On October 15, 2015, she attended a court hearing for attending an assault on a video game store worker.
  • In August 2016, he commented about her vulgar thoughts that she had dreamed of having s*x with her mother. Also, he defended a son and mother in Mexico who were in love.

Chris commented, “Although incest is quite a controversial topic, there are circumstances where there would be not so much harm as one may think, feel, or believe.”

Chris Chan

Further, she said:

“Unless the sex act was abusive, hurtful, or would result in an unwanted birth of a physical or mental challenged child, I would not judge or persecute the parent and child.”

Chris Chan
  • She was banned from her college for threatening her teacher Mrs. Walsh. Later, she was admitted to an anger management class.

Chris Chan’s Famous Quotes

  • “Captain’s Log, Stardate…” (the start to many of Chris’ vlog-style videos)
  • “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenagers, as well as the gals.”
  • “I’m working on it!”
  • “Don’t call anybody!”
  • “I got a fish, would you like to make a wish?”
  • “This makes me really, ANGRY!”
  • “My life sucks.”


What is Chris Chan’s real name?

Christine Weston known as “Chris” was born on February 24th, 1982. Currently, his age is 40 years old. Moreover, his name on the internet is famously known as CwcvilleGuardian or Chris Chan. Furthermore, he is an American Youtuber, vlogger, artist, musician, and loved by millions of people for creating the web series called Sonichu.   

How did 4chan find Chris Chan?

Chris Chan had an online presence since 1999. 4chan found him through the image board when he posted the drawing of Sonichu. Later, he discovered Chan’s YouTube channel and website.

Who is the most documented person in history?

Christian Weston Chandler, famously known as Chris Chan, is undoubtedly the most documented person in history. Moreover, he got famous for discovering the cartoon called Sonichu.

How many hours is the Chris Chan documentary?

Chan’s documentary is about 40 hours.

How did Chris Chan become famous?

Chandler became famous for creating Sonichu’s character. Later, the cartoon becomes a meme attraction. His YouTube channel has 50,000 subscribers.

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