Chlora Lawrence: Mother of Martin Lawrence

Chlora Lawrence is a very popular figure known as the mother of American actor Martin Lawrence. A mother is your first friend, your best friend, and your forever friend. However, if we talk about Martin he loved her mother as every child does. Even though she left this world on 28th August 2008 but still he wishes her every year on her birthday Moreover, on any achievements he receives he dedicates them to her mother Chlora till now.

Martin Lawrence is a famous actor, comedian, producer, and scriptwriter. Before starting his acting career he worked as a comedian and did jobs to support his career. His first acting job was “What’s Happening Now”. Later, he worked in several films. 

In this article, we talk about Martin Lawrence’s mother Chlora Lawrence life, career, children, relationship, and much more. 

Quick Facts about Chlora Lawrence 

NameChlora Lawrence
Date Of Birth24th July 1930
Birth PlaceBrevard
EducationLincoln Academy in Kings Mountain
Ex-HusbandJohn Lawrence
HusbandEdward Crandell
Grand Children 17
Funeral Date28th August 2008
Chlora Lawrence: Mother of Martin Lawrence
Chlora Lawrence and Martin Lawrence

Chlora Lawrence Biography 

Born on July 24th, 1930 in Brevard city to Marjorie Bailey her mother, and Rock Kilgore her father. Moreover, she followed Christianity as her religion. Fortunately, she was raised in Bethel Baptist Church in Brevard, which she considered her first church home. 

Education of Lawrence’s 

However, if we talk about her education she graduated from Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain in 1949. Moreover, it was a boarding school from where she graduated. 

Furthermore, she wanted to become a teacher. She had a keen interest in teaching and chose this as a career. 

Relationship of Chlora Lawrence

After graduation Chlora moved to New York City and started living with her mother. While living there in the city she came across her long-lost friend, John Lawrence. Later, they started catching up in the evenings and days out to spend more time together. However, these little dates and days out made them fall in love.

As a result, they got married on 31st July 1959. John worked in the Air force whereas Chlora put her career aside and chose to be a housewife. Moreover, as the wife of an Air Force pilot she use to travel around the world. In this relationship, they had six beautiful children. 

  • Deborah Bowden
  • John Lawrence (Tina)
  • Marjorie Proctor (Charles) 
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Ursula Woodland

However, the relationship didn’t last long and they separated. After separation Chlora moved to Maryland. She raised her children on her own with lots of struggle and hard work. Moreover, she believed and had faith in god. 

In addition to that, she settled her children one by one. Later, Chlora traveled the world, visited her family and friends, and spent her time with her children and grandchildren. 

Besides this, she adopted four children and loved them as if they were his own blood. Lawrence had a huge family; she had fourteen grandchildren, three great-great-grandchildren, and two nephews. Each person was dear to her and Chlora was loved for her such adorable personality. 

Chlora’s Second Marriage 

Later in 2003 Chlora came across Edward Crandell. They loved spending time together and decided to keep it forever. However, Chlora Lawrence married Edward Crandell on 4th January 2003. She found her love and comfort while living with Edward in Baptist Church in Calif. 

Chlora Lawrence Personality

Chlora Lawrence by heart was a sweet personality. She touched countless hearts through her loving personality. Moreover, she was so strong she raised her six own children. In addition to that, she adopted many children and gave them a better life. Her love and legacy will remain with us forever. She left this world on 28th August 2008 in peace and prosperity. 

Who is Martin Lawrence?

Martin was born on 16th April 1965. He comes fourth of six children. Moreover, Martin is recognized as a comedian, actor, producer, and writer. He started his career as a standup comedian and later made his mark in the acting world. Moreover, he received many awards 

  • He got nominated with Will Smith for Best On-Screen Duo (1996) for the movie Bad Boys
  • Nominated for the movie Big Momma’s House
  • Nominated with Will Smith for Best On-Screen Team (2003) again for the movie Bad Boys II

Martin was very close to her mother Chlora Lawrence. He is used to sharing his success, failure, and everything with her mother. Later, when she left the world he still used to post pictures on her birthday and special occasions. His love never ended for her mother.


Who is Martin Lawrence?

Martin is famously known as an actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He worked in the famous movie named as Bad Boys with Will Smith.

When did Chlora Lawrence die?

Chlora Lawrence is popularly known as the mother of Martin Lawrence. She died on 28th August 2008.

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