Byron Yawn – A Former Preacher

Byron Yawn is a former American priest and elder at the Community Bible Church in Nashville. However, he got familiar as the man who used his position. Because as a pastoral counselor Yawn has a relationship with the wife of one of his closest friends.

Byron Yawn also gained identification after being featured in all media. Furthermore, he had association with retired professional baseball second baseman and outfielder Ben Zobrist.

Byron Yawn - A Former Preacher
Byron Yawn

Byron Yawn’s Quick Facts

Full name: Byron Yawn 
Date of birth: 4th March 1970 
Zodiac sign: Pisces 
Place of birth: Mississippi, Alabama, USA 
Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, USA 
Age: 51 years in 2021 
Career: Businessman, entrepreneur, media personality, and former pastor 
Education: Byram High School and Mississippi College 
Religion: Christian 
Church: Community Bible Church 
Type: Non-denominational 
Nationality: American 
Ethnicity: Mixed-race Hair 
Color: Dark brown 
Eye color: Dark brown 
Height: 5 feet 8 inches 
Marital status: Married 
Spouse: Robin Yawn 
Children: three 
Net worth: $800k 
Facebook: Byron Boo Yawn 

Background of Byron Yawn

Byron Yawn has numerous names. In addition to serving as the previous pastor of the Community Bible Church in Nashville. Also, he oversaw several neighborhood improvement initiatives. Throughout his employment, Yawn advanced to the position of executive director of Patriot Forward. It is Zobrist’s nonprofit organization. 

As a high-ranking representative of the organization, Byron looked out for professional athletes. Byron gave marriage counseling to couples. He supported athletes’ health, and professional growth. By assisting the couples, Bryan overcomes their anxiety and depression.

Yawn has written a number of works, including “Sub-urbanity: What Have We Done to the Gospel?” In addition, “What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him” is two volumes about urbanism. Are We Able to Return to Biblical Christianity?” The third, “What Every Woman Wishes Her Father Had Told Her,” was co-written by him and his wife, Robin Yawn.

The full name of the former minister is Byron Forrest Yawn. He left his position as Executive Director for Patriot Forward and founded Forrest Crain & Co. in Nashville. Therefore, he currently serves as CEO. 

Age of Byron 

Yawn was born between 1976-1981 to his parents. Byron Yawn is a 51-year-old man. On March 4, 1970, he was born in Mississippi, Alabama, in the United States. 

Physical Appearance of Byron

Overall, the 5 feet 8 inches tall Byron Yawn has dark brown eyes and hair. Moreover, he weighs 75 kg now. 

Yawn’s Family 

Byron Yawn and Robin grew up on the same street and were high school sweethearts. However, Wade, Blake, and Lauren are the couple’s sons with Lauren serving as their daughter. The wife of Byron Yawn works as a nurse case manager at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Neuromuscular Division. 

Yet, the information regarding his parents and siblings is not available. Though, he belongs to a Christian family with American nationality. 

Byron Yawn: Married or not? Who Are His Spouse and Children?

Yawn frequently appeared as a guest preacher. He and his wife, Robin, grew up next to one another and were neighbors their entire lives. Around the time, they began dating; they found faith and became high school sweethearts.

Byron Yawn disclosed that he prepared the pieces with his sons. But, in mind to help them deal with the onslaught of the world. They would unintentionally encounter each other when he announced the publication of his book “What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him” in 2011. He mentioned his desire to instill in his sons a love of Christ from an early age.

In addition, the main message of the book is to reassure his kids that they are not insane or alone. Either it is in facing problems of life like sexuality and financial difficulties. He wanted them to understand that many others had gone before them. Which tells the ones who had succeeded in living those realities of life and that they too could.

Nevertheless, they fell in love and wed in 2001. Their marriage was founded on the gospel and faith from the beginning. Blake, Wade, and Lauren were the three children they also raised as their own.

Byron Yawn - A Former Preacher
Byron Yawn and Wife

Yawn’s Affair Rumors

Yawn had been serving as a pastor at the church for many years. He didn’t enter the public eye until 2021. Else, when former Chicago Cubs player and close buddy Ben Zobrist filed a lawsuit against him. According to the court documents, Yawn and Zobrist originally met at the Community Bible Church, where Yawn served as a long-time minister.

In addition to serving as pastor, Yawn counseled Zobrist and Julianna before their 2005 wedding. They frequently asked Yawn for counsel over the years. Which, in Zobrist’s opinion, Yawn used in order to gain the family’s trust. Zobrist is the 2016 World Series MVP. Therefore, Yawn reportedly started taking advantage of his fame.

In addition to asking Zobrist to send customized DVDs to church members following baptism. He would ask for tickets to baseball games. In the hopes that Zobrist’s notoriety would draw in more parishioners, he even designated Zobrist as a church deacon.

Further to his $10,000 monthly payments to the upkeep of the church. Zobrist claimed he had given tens of thousands of dollars to the Byron Yawn family to go on a pastoral journey. Also, he charged Yawn with defrauding his charity. After leaving the company, he continues to pay himself a salary of $7,000 per month.

Yawn Caught Cheating on Zobrist

Nevertheless, Zobrist realized Yawn was cheating on him with his wife Julianna. With whom he has three children. According to reports, Yawn and Julianna started using burner phones to communicate every day in 2018. And, they started having sexual intercourse in 2019.

Until Yawn’s wife, Robin, revealed the affair to Zobrist, he was unaware of it. Robin learned that her husband used a burner phone to conceal his relationship with Julianna. Therefore, she threatened to reveal the truth herself if Yawn did not tell Zobrist about it.

In the case, Zobrist alleged that Yawn had betrayed and violated the trust. Zobrist and Julianna placed it in him by using his position as a pastoral counselor. He deceitfully took advantage of Julianna’s confidence. Moreover, the access he had due to his position as a counselor.

Ben Zobrist took a four-month vacation from playing after the discovery to work through his marital issues. He missed almost $8 million in income as a result. Later, he was suing Yawn for $6 million in damages in order to compensate him for the emotional suffering endured.

Julianna responded to his divorce request by suing her husband for $4 million in response. Suspiciously, in 2021, Zobrist withdrew the complaint with a notice. That it was “without prejudice,” allowing him to re-file it the following year.

Where has Byron Yawn gone? 

He continues to reside in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and kids. The preacher, Byron Yawn, is in a challenging circumstance. He does fare better than his mistress does, though. While Julianna and Ben’s contentious split is in the news. Yawn’s side of the relationship appears to be in order.


Who is Byron Yawn?

Byron Yawn is a former preacher in the United States who is now the CEO of Forrest Crain & Co, a business consulting company. He also has been sued and faced many losses of about $8 million.

Is Byron Yawn Still A Pastor?

Yawn is a former pastor of Nashville’s Community Bible Church. According to the Journal Star, he met Zobrist and his wife, Julianna, at the church. Zobrist, a two-time World Series winner, took a four-month break from the Chicago Cubs in 2019 to deal with marital issues.

Is Robin Yawn Still Married To Byron Yawn?

He also accused Byron Yawn of defrauding Zobrist’s charity organization, which he works for. Byron and Robin met nearly 16 years ago and married in 2005. They have three children.

What is Byron Yawn Net Worth?

The net worth of Byron Yawn is reported to be between $2 and $3 million USD.

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