Bingus: ‘A Famous Hairless Cat’

Bingus is a hairless cat that got famous in March 2020. Moreover, an Instagram user Subaru Rocks the owner of a cat posted the video while he pet her. The video caught the attention of people in September when Reddit post the video. Later, the cat was called ‘Bingus’ by internet users and it started trending.

Bingus: ‘A Famous Hairless Cat’

How ‘Bingus’ the Word Originated?

A video surfaced on the internet of a man stretching and crumpling the skin of a male Sphynx Cat. A ‘Sphynx Cat’ is a cat that lacks fur on its skin. On November 7th, 2020, Reddit posted that they have found out about the cat surfing on the internet.

They said:

I found a still from the original (unless it was reposted from another account) video from Douyin ( 抖音 )! The username is Lelemaoshe!! Sorry, it’s very likely you can’t find the owner on Instagram or Twitter because they are (seemingly) from China. I would try Weibo or Billi Billi and see what you come up with! Although I couldn’t find anything again I don’t speak Chinese.


I don’t have TikTok so I’m not sure if you can access Douyins there as well. Maybe y’all can try!! Douyin is the same as TikTok, just in China (they have the same company!)”


Sphynx on Instagram

The very first video of the Sphynx cat came out on Instagram on March 2022. Moreover, the video gained over 1600 likes in seven months. After a few days, another user on Instagram big_chungles shared the same video and gained 27,000 views. However, people couldn’t find any specific name for the cat and started calling her ‘Bingus’. The world started calling her by his name on June 9th, 2022.

 The Official Image on Social Media of the Sphynx Cat

The popularity of Sphynx cat shoot up like a rocket after Reddit posted an image with the caption “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. hi bingusss…”. Moreover, the post received 2800 upvotes and 112 comments. Later, fans started posting screenshots of the image.

Bingus: ‘A Famous Hairless Cat’
Bingus Official Image

On September 18th, a Twitter user Kurog3c tweeted “the four horsemen of the meowpocalypse,” with a series of images that included the picture of Big Floppa. Moreover, the tweet gained 1300 likes and 484 retweets in less than a month.

On September 30th, the video was reposted again with the same caption and in 22 days the video received 17,500 votes and 318 comments. Later, the game stepped up from memes to stickers and GIFs. Moreover, on September 18th, a user can_a_dude_a_taco claimed that the cat’s owner wants to keep his identity hidden.

Related Memes to the Cat

Heart Locket GIF

An unknown user created a GIF in October 2022, with the caption “bingus my beloved”. On October 11th, 2022, Tenor user Desphanitom uploaded the GIF. Moreover, the GIF was spread all over the internet.

Retweeted Images

People started using Conversational ads for their promotions. Moreover, they created a function in which the exact copy of the tweet is generated and posted on the timeline when you press a button. However, this feature got famous on Twitter on November 25th, 2021, when a user @Koopashi replicated the tweet of Sphynx cat on his timeline.

Bingus: ‘A Famous Hairless Cat’
Memes on Bingus


Although, it was just a video of an owner of the cat petting his animal but internet made it a meme by giving a hairless cat some goofy name. Whereas, it is nothing like that because there exist some cats that are hairless and they are called Sphynx. Moreover, hairlessness is due to some genetic disorder in cats which started in 1the 960s. Later, some stickers and GIFs were created that surfaced on the internet for a long time and people enjoyed it thoroughly.


Is a Bingus real?

It is a hairless cat that got famous in March 2020. Moreover, the video took the internet by storm and every other hairless cat was called the same name. However, they are also called Sphynx.

Who is Bingus to a corpse?

A famous Youtuber named Corpse Husband’s loved the meme and it became the internet’s favorite cat. Moreover, he tweeted the bald cat numerous times on his Twitter account Corpse_Husband.

Who is the original Bingus cat?

An Instagram user named ‘Subaru Rocks’ posted the video of a hairless cat and called her ‘Bingus’.  Moreover, the video circulated on the internet in a little time.

Does Bingus have a Twitter?

Yes! It has a Twitter account (@bingus_network) and also an Instagram account.

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